XMAS Bash - Great Success!


Thanks go out to everyone who made it to the Xmas Bash at TGI Fridays in Covent Garden on Friday night. Great evening out was had by all! Twas good to put a face to soo many names. A total of 16 people out, 13 regulars from T2W. Forgive me if I can't recall the names of all those that attended, perhaps someone can help me out! :)

Looking forward to our next together some time in the new year.


ps. I believe we have some photos taken on the night, will try to get them posted on the site, for those that missed the occasion.
Hi All,

I like to take this time to thank everyone for taking the time and effort to come to our Xmas Bash. I know some of you have travelled great distance to join us. I would also like to thank Robin and Chartman for their help in collecting the deposits and the great map(CM), in the end we didn't need the deposits, so rest assured your cheques won't be cashed. Before I forget, I'd like to wish all our members, From our family at Trade2Win to your family, Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Great night out. Excellent food and company, and as always, good to put faces to names.Thanks to Kev and Robin for the background work.
Xmas bash!

Great to see you all at the bash, would like to have introduced myslef to all of you, but only managed a few, better luck next time!

Can I suggest somewhere a little quieter, the noise was horrendous, not conducive to chatting!

I have some digital pictures which I will post on the site, if poss, in due course. Or if you e-mail me at [email protected] I will send them to directly!