Xmas Big night out -


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hi all

Well after the social commitee spent long nights thinking of where to go we decided that TGI fridays in covent garden sounded good.

so Friday November the 30th in the big smoke.

Will post time and how to meet later.

CHeers Rob
Could everyone who is a definite YES for the Friday night, please add their name to THIS thread so we can then book a table.


ps. look forward to seeing you all there! :)

For those who don't have a clue where we're supposed to be going.... :)


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Hi, All

Is traveling is stopping you from coming to our Xmas bash? Maybe this would help. My wife's company deals with all hotels in London. If you would like to come to the bash and stay overnight in London, let us know and we'll see what's the best deal we can get for a room in a London hotel for that night.

Hope this will help!
Hi, All

I have taken the liberty of booking us into TGI at Covent Garden, for 8:00 PM on the 30th. of Nov. But, I have couple points to cover.
1. I think we should say meet at 7:30 PM just in case people get lost, etc, etc, etc.
2. TGI have given us till Wed. the 28th to come up with the correct number for attendence. So if you can all recofirm by leaving a reply to this message (Please), because we need to put a deposit of £5.00 per person for a proper booking, by the 28th! This £5.00 per person deposit will be taken off the bill at the end of the evening.
3. How would you all like to handle this deposit?
4. For those travelling from far, and like to take me up on my offer to find a good deal on a room in a London's Hotel, let me know early!
I confirm i will attend.How about sending a cheque to someone for the deposit?

Any ideas how we should recognize each other?
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