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Airthrey Capital

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I notice that there are a number of fellow Scottish traders on this site.

Would any of you be interested in meetring up for a social?...perhaps a couple of beers and a curry?...Open to suggestions.

If you would like to attend, let me know and we can arrange a date and a venue.

Please also state the best location for you, Edinburgh, Glasgow or Stirling....We'll then arrange to meet at the location most suitable to those who wish to attend.

(NB Fellow Englishmen, Welshmen, Irish men also most welcome!)


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they're checkered primarily.
(Edinburgh, Glasgow, Stirling? Why are you having it on the South coast? ;) )

Airthrey Capital

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OK..I'll add Inverness to the options.

Kilts not mandatory, but a sense of humour is. (and lets face it, you have to have a sense of humour to wear a kilt!)


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sounds fine to me, let me know the location. If I can make it I shall. Edinburgh or Stirling the best for me.




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Count me in; Edinburgh would be my preferred choice.

(I can also recommend some excellent Indian restaurants....) :LOL:


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Yup, I'd probably be up for that (diary permitting).

I'm up in Dundee, so ideally Stirling or perhaps Edinburgh would be best for me.

I'm a complete newbie to trading but bags of experience in beer & curry ;)


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Hi Blairlogie. How's it lookin ale/currywise? Maybe get some more takers this week. Judging by the post codes on members' list, there seems to be a lot of bairns aboot.

Trading Shed

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Good idea Blairlogie I am in for a Scottish meeting.

Anywhere between Aberdeen and Inverness would suit me best, but anywhere is considered.

If we decide that the Moray Firth Coast is suitable to everyone, I own a small hotel.

I know that this may sound like canvassing for business, but it's just an idea.

7 rooms, seaviews, popular restaurant, bar and a function room which could be used for presentations etc. if anyone would like to share or present anything.

If there is any interest and I am not criticised for this posting, I can share menus, rates etc.

Airthrey Capital

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Trading Shed,

Thanks for the offer...definitley to be considered if the location suits all those who are interested.

I must admit that I was considering more of a social gathering, but if there is anyone wishing to give presentations, let me know in order that the venue is suitable.

It does appear that most people showing interest seem to be from all over the place...Orkney to Edinburgh!

So far, people who have shown interest and have expressed a preferred venue are...

Trading Shed (His place!)
Tullibody (Stirling I presume)
BDT (Stirling / Edinburgh)
Taz (Edinburgh)
SpreadBet (Stirling/Edinburgh)
Gerard (Stirling / Edinburgh)
Blairlogie (Stirling / Edinburgh / Glasgow)

Ideally looking for more people......

Anyone else want to be added to the list?...If so just post below and state your preference of venue.


Then we can decide final venue / date etc.
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