T2W Member of the Month Award


Hi all,

Next week T2W will be launching it's Member of the Month contest, with the first award for November announced at the end of next month.

The winner of each month will win a suitable prize (still to be decided) but more importantly will receive an attractive medal to display against their name in the forums :cheesy:

The way that the monthly contest will work is described below. As always we welcome feedback, particularly those rules which I've put a question mark against, as we can easily change them).

How it will work

Members start off by nominating other members for a month and giving a reason for nominating the person.

Each nominee will see a red "You have been nominated." on their profile page, they then go to the new Member of the Month Award area to add a nomination acceptance speech.

As a member is nominated he is added to the nominee list.

For each nominee, members can:

1) See who voted for each.
2) Vote for a nominee if permitted, they can also add a reason for their vote
3) Read the nomination reasons and acceptance speeches etc

Nomination and voting rules:

1) You may not vote or nominate yourself.
2) You may not vote for the person that you nominated.
3) You may not vote more than once for the same nominee.
4) Only 10 nominations will be accepted. (less/more?)
5) You may nominate more than one member. (or limit to 1?)
6) You may vote for more than one nominee. (or limit to 1?)
7) You may only nominate members from their posts.
This BB goes from Strength to strength...

One concern what is to stop people from nominating or voting under and alias?

Nominations Number - If is to be more than 1 nomination per person then i would suggest no more than 3.
there could be an instance where it is a close call between two members.
Perhaps a "tough choice" option for two members with one vote but for two members

Nominations - From the post would be good as it will most likely be the posting that will influence the vote if numerous vote are as a result af a post then this could be highlighted in your monthly news letter
I know this will sound a strange request but will we be able to have the option (maybe in our profiles) to never be nominated as some members may not wish to have this honour bestowed upon them ?

How do you post the picture of your member?

I cannot seem to get it to fit on the page, seems too large.

Shucks T333. I thought you deserved to win as one of the most constructive helpful people on this board.

JonnyT ;-)))

JonnyT said:
How do you post the picture of your member?

I cannot seem to get it to fit on the page, seems too large.


Can we keep this thread clean please JT, and no bragging about your member,

:eek: :cheesy:
Well in reality my member is nothing to write home about :cry:

Anyone wish to nominate me for the sympathy vote?

SOrry I'm confused -

do we nominate members members or simply members who've nominated other members, or members who've nominated other members' members?

What about the members without members? Whose members do they nominate? Are they memberless?
Sharky said:
Hi all,

Each nominee will see a red "You have been nominated." on their profile page

I can't see the 'you have been nominated' bit anywhere, but i have got a little red vote under my screen-name...

Is ithis the same thing??? :cheesy:
I'm told plastic surgery is now available for those who wish to
re-member their member.
It is however apparently more expensive than going to a trading seminar so everyone must make their own choice about which would best improve their prospects of success.
I guess it depends whether you want to die rich and unhappy or poor with a big smile on your face.

I would prefer to die rich with a big smile on my face before rigor mortis sets in.
Newtron: At the moment it's just Vote/Nominate one member OR allow multiple votes (it should be possible to put a cap on it, but I suggest we see how it works out for November and change things accordingly - as I probably won't have enough time to add capping before next week). As for aliases, any member caught using an aliases in an effort to deceive for whatever reason, will be warned and have their extra accounts diasbled - there are checks we can run that will normally alert us to this.

Trader333: It is indeed a strange request, I can understand not wanting people to rate you, but surely no one would mind be nominated for an award and getting a suitable prize. If however people want to be able to choose, it should be possible to add this functionality - though it may not make it in time for next week.

Rossored: Any member can nominate and vote for any other member, but a nominate effectively counts as a vote, so they then can't vote again. As for members' members I couldn't possible comment!

Keano: In your case unfortunately not!
My vote for memberof the month goes to Sir John Thomas :cheesy: :cheesy:

Sorry about that but as the snake said to the frog "It`s in my nature!" ;)
Folks please take a firm hold of yourselves...

All this big member business could get us all dismembered in which case Mr C's re-membering service may come in handy.

I think that a single vote for the best member of the month is the best way to go as i dont think i can handle multiple members as i have my hands full with my own membership

Am glad that sharky has anonymous members in hand and will be barred... perhaps they should be called Prince Albert's and kicked out the back door

Couldnt help myself... am just a playful member
Well stop playing with it, you`ll go blind ( Squirrel already has) and then you won`t be able to keep placing losing trades :eek:
Good one, bomber ;-)

I've just realised why they call those people at Westminster "members" of parliament.........