T2W Member of the Month Award

Obvious i know but someone had to make a stand for it..

Sometimes i think someone should slap the heads of the parliamentary members for not performing with the full viagra that one should expect from an upstanding public figurehead

It would be presumptious of me to think that I would be nominated in the first place. I just think that some people would prefer not to become the centre of attention that this will obviously bring with it. This is just my view and I am sure others will lap it up.

Hey, Sharky. Just though of a slant on the member of the month award.

How about the same thing but with votes for the member people most want to be banned. :devilish: :devilish: :devilish: :devilish:
Maybe a "sin Bin" award would be a good idea keeping the high quality of the boards and giving a balanced view
i think the banned member idea is a great thought - but shouldn't be put into practice, as it will probably be inmotivating.

(ok - real reason is that u see - i'mn sure i'd be one of the first to go - so please don't do it)
:LOL: Oi, Trader£££, always possible m8 :rolleyes:

Or an alternative prize prat of the month award :D
Hmmm, I'd probably win that one more then anything else :cheesy: :D :cry: :( :eek: :devilish: :devilish: :devilish:

Snip, you poor chap. Name's appropiate though. lol
Dont know about a requirement for a "banned" member thing - surely the "votes" thingy gives people an idea of how they are viewed by other members already? mma's is a good example :D
The nominations for the member of the month have now opened - and by the looks of it we already have two nominees.

Just to recap the current rules allow up to 10 nominations in a month. If you'd like to nominate someone then please click on the "Member of the month" link which is now below the member ratings on posts, and tell us why you think they should be nominated for the award. The member with the highest number of votes at the end of each month, will win a prize (still to be confirmed).

As this is the first month we're trialling this, please do let us know what you think - and whether you're happy with the current rules of allowing multiple nominations and multiple votes with up 10 nominees.

We're adding a link on forum overview page to the Member of the Month page which lists the nominations and number of votes. Or you can go straight there now:


As for a Worst Member of the Month Award, I think we'll put that on hold for the moment... as tempting as it is! :devilish:
Hi Sharkey
I have been trying to nominate someone for member of the month but it won't accept it stating that nominations is closed. However, I notice there are only 9 - why can I not get in the 10th?
Hi orchard,

That is strange, I wondered myself why the nominations stopped at 9, okay give me a few mins - and I'll soon figure out what is going. But with only one place left for this month, you'd better be quick!
have just read the above thread from Sharky to Rossored and have had a good laugh, keep it up, when this gets going it will bring out the inner man or women on this site . I,m sure it will be funny. regards twiglet
I am well on the way to winning the competition. Anyone want to win its quite simple, just buy into an RTO opertunity.