T2W Member of the Month Award

Newtron Bomb

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Folks please take a firm hold of yourselves...

All this big member business could get us all dismembered in which case Mr C's re-membering service may come in handy.

I think that a single vote for the best member of the month is the best way to go as i dont think i can handle multiple members as i have my hands full with my own membership

Am glad that sharky has anonymous members in hand and will be barred... perhaps they should be called Prince Albert's and kicked out the back door

Couldnt help myself... am just a playful member


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Well stop playing with it, you`ll go blind ( Squirrel already has) and then you won`t be able to keep placing losing trades :eek:

Mr. Charts

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Good one, bomber ;-)

I've just realised why they call those people at Westminster "members" of parliament.........

Newtron Bomb

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Obvious i know but someone had to make a stand for it..

Sometimes i think someone should slap the heads of the parliamentary members for not performing with the full viagra that one should expect from an upstanding public figurehead


8,659 984

It would be presumptious of me to think that I would be nominated in the first place. I just think that some people would prefer not to become the centre of attention that this will obviously bring with it. This is just my view and I am sure others will lap it up.



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Hey, Sharky. Just though of a slant on the member of the month award.

How about the same thing but with votes for the member people most want to be banned. :devilish: :devilish: :devilish: :devilish:

Newtron Bomb

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Maybe a "sin Bin" award would be a good idea keeping the high quality of the boards and giving a balanced view


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i think the banned member idea is a great thought - but shouldn't be put into practice, as it will probably be inmotivating.

(ok - real reason is that u see - i'mn sure i'd be one of the first to go - so please don't do it)


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:LOL: Oi, Trader£££, always possible m8 :rolleyes:

Or an alternative prize prat of the month award :D
Hmmm, I'd probably win that one more then anything else :cheesy: :D :cry: :( :eek: :devilish: :devilish: :devilish:

Snip, you poor chap. Name's appropiate though. lol


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Dont know about a requirement for a "banned" member thing - surely the "votes" thingy gives people an idea of how they are viewed by other members already? mma's is a good example :D
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