T2W 2003 Members Choice Awards


I'm very pleased to announce that T2W will be hosting the UK's first trading website members choice awards. There will be a number of categories for members to register their votes on, from brokers to trading software. In the spirit of the site, we'd like to hear you're views about

a) Which categories to vote on
b) How the nominations will be staged
c) How the voting system will work for the nominees.

It's proposed that registered members will have access to a voting page to privately register first their nomination and finally their vote.

We'd very much like to hear you feedback even at this early stage and would hope to get the nomination process started before the end of September.
Hi Sharky

a) Which categories to vote on
Best Real-time software
Best EOD program
Best Broker
Best Spreadbetting company - there must be one :cheesy:
Best website - T2W not included as you have to let others have a chance.
Best news feed
Best course taken
Best Book
Wooden spoon award - anyone can vote for something they think is rubbish

b) How the nominations will be staged
Private vote, in which anyone can vote for anything (no sensible restrictions).

c) How the voting system will work for the nominees.
Get all nominations taken from b) and have a private vote.

Just my thoughts, I'm sure others will have more :)
What about some T2W stuff?

Best poster?
Most helpful member?
Best Board?
Best Journal?
etc etc
Best RT data feed
Best EOD data feed.
Best charting package RT
Best charting package EOD
I'm pleased to announce the T2W 2003 Members Choice Awards is now open for nominations and voting. We have a number of categories up for awards and invite members to decide who they think should win in each category.

The awards entry page is:


The rules are simply:

  1. Only logged in registered members of the site may participate.
  2. Nominate an entry if it's not already listed.
  3. If your chosen entry has already been nominated, then vote for it instead.
  4. You decide which categories to nominate/vote in and you're entries will be anonymous.
  5. You cannot change your entry once submitted, but if you've abstained on a category you can come back at any time to nominate/vote.
  6. A nomination counts as a single vote, and you may only vote for one entry in each category
  7. The nominations opens on Sunday, 30th November, and will remain open for 30 days and close on Monday, 29th December - after which time the winners and runners up will be announced.
    [/list=1] If you'd like to discuss the Awards Programme, then please add your comment to this thread. I'd be particularly interested in our choice of categories, as this is the first year we're holding an awards programme - depending on the response we can tailor the choices in future years.

    The complete list of awards are:

    Best Realtime Data Feed
    Best EOD Data Feed
    Best UK Realtime Charting Package
    Best UK EOD Charting Package
    Best US Realtime Charting Package
    Best US EOD Charting Package
    Best System Testing Software
    Best Stockbroker
    Best Direct Access Broker
    Best Futures Broker
    Best Forex Broker
    Best Spreadbetting Broker
    Best CFD Broker
    Best Options Broker
    Best Traders Magazine
    Best Financial Television Channel
    Best Educational Trading Website
    Best Market News Website
    Best Market Analysis Website
Now added US Realtime and EOD charting to the above listing, and awards page - somehow managed to miss them out!