Standard Chartered...


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Hardly the tip of the century, but even after brief rally this afternoon surely it's going to go down some more... no?


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still 7 billion wiped off of the market cap... seems a bit overdone to me :/

Nice time to buy too with all of the retail news crowd shorts look at the vol :)
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I suppose it depends whether you believe they were dodgy. I'm still not entirely convinced that even if proved innocent they'll recover a great deal... But that's just opinion.


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I hear the Iranians are buying into them...............
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Because the Americans want to tap dance on British banks' "asses".

I believed that there had to be something tangible that they could point to, other than just being "anti-British". It's a single entity rather than multiple banks, and it's I.ran, man.

The admittance now that they did break sanctions (regardless of "only" 300 or so) seems to show that this isn't completely unfounded, regardless of how appropriate it is to go public without a full enquiry.. But my stop kicked in any way so I no longer hold a position.


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Excellent business trading at a rather attractive price.

I'd be a buyer here rather than a seller.


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Standard chartered is a great business - I was really suprised that they had a scandal.

Personally I think it was your timing. The sector was in a downtrend and that has recently become more bullish, and standard was consolidating in quite a large triangle. They've only just broken out of this..I say a buy above 1520 with a stop around 1350, lets see how this does in the next few weeks
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