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I would like to gain a qualification in TA, but am unsure whether to go for the STA of the UK or the MTA of the US.

It seems easier to qualify for STA, but MTA's programme structure looks more impressive. MTA's is a chartered qualification, while STA's is not. Then STA seems the norm in the UK, but MTA seems more recognised around the world. Which one should I go for :?:

Please tell me your opinion. Thanks a lot.
They are both billhooks IMHO.

Why not just trade? Everything you need to know is in the price trend not some indicator.

I agree with JonnyT here,
having spent rather a lot of time studying lumps of TA there are definitely areas I concentrate on, and working for a qual in TA would involve spending valuable time studying things I won't use. All for what? Making people more likely to listen to me? I doubt it's much use on a CV either... I've always regarded the learned societies involved as a communal backslapping arrangement!
If you do decide to go for the STA, their qualification - such as it is - can be 'migrated' to cover the first part of the MTA. If you are looking for a qiualification to take into the city, then it is something else to have on the CV.

If you are looking to use it as a training course, then there are cheaper (and IMHO better)around that do not carry the qualification but give the same grounding.

I have often had people come on the TBS course as a refresher to doing their STA exams as they have found it cheaper and - according to them - better taught - but then perhaps they were just being 'kind to teacher' :)

I would start with the easy one, and see how you get on. Plenty of time to improve later, why rush.

Depending on motives though, if you feel that you would enjoy the experience then it really doesn't matter which you choose.

I will be going through the STA foundation later this year ,I hope and following that with the main course at the next intake.

Not really on the back of a belief that what I learn will improve my trading, but that I may gain confidence with my trading and help to take out mabe a little more of the emotion. something I find dificult.
I also enjoy the interaction with other like minded people.

When trading goes well you need no one. whne trading goes badly any support helps.

Thanks really.

But, which one will be more useful in applying for jobs, STA or MTA? Or is it that STA is for working in the UK while MTA for USA and around the world?

Thank you indeed.
I've toyed with the idea of taking a TA qualification but the PhD has put me off doing anything else academic for the forseeable future.

What you choose to do depends on what you want to achieve. If you are young and starting out in the jobs market then you want/need the best qualifications you can get. And if you want to look for jobs across the world then you want the most widely recognised qualification which seems to be the MTA.

But if you are looking to trade for yourself then you probably need to focus on developing areas that are weak when you review your trading logs. That can be done from books much more cheaply and in a more relevant way than courses etc but it does require more effort from you than just turning up at a course and doing the set homework.

Cheers and good luck in your voyage :)