Sharky, if you're there.......

Andy Shelter

Junior member
Could you please reinstate my shorts of Spirent and Standaed Chartered. These were covered by The Gremlin at 8.20 this morning despite no instruction to cover by me.

I shorted these in the hope that they would go down on their results, and at the moment they have. I shall want to take the profit later today if you can reinstate them in time. Thanks.

(P.S. I do realise that you have a life to lead and may not be there all the time, but I may strike lucky!)
Hi andy, I'm hearing you.

You know I really don't understand how those stops/limits crept back in. But now they're there we'll have to live with them at least for the duration of the current comp. I'll see what I can do!
Sharky, although you .......

....reinststed the shares to me, my trading history still shows the 8.20 trades at a loss. Have you expunged these?

Sorry to be a pain today!

No worries,

Yeah I credited your money back, just forgot to delete the history - will do that now, to avoid confusion!