June Winner - Partridge!


Congratulations to Partridge for winning this month's competition with a total worth of £59,210.46 - a profit of £9,210.46

Partridge's strategy has been a simple sell and cover one, shorting KWL Kewill Systems on the 28th May and being stopped out this morning (partridge will check why this happened).
It's been a real tough month as is evident by the overall ranking table. Only 11 players finishing in profit out of 41.

Shorters really had the right direction with Sharpshooter ranking 2nd with £53,662.50 on two short positions in VOD Vodafone and SPT Spirent still open positions at the close today.

One of our most active players, Lucky Luke ,came a close third with £52,625.93 and trading heavily in CGNU, whilst Rentokil and Vodafone were also favourites.

The top 10 rankings were as follows:
1 (1) partridge £59,210.46
2 (3) sharpshooter £53,662.50
3 (2) Lucky Luke £52,625.93
4 (4) options £51,453.72
5 (15) izzie £51,435.45
6 (7) Dayraider £51,218.18
7 (6) fernanj £51,205.61
8 (5) SuddenDeath £51,013.25
9 (9) uk trader £50,201.14
10 (10) elliot wave £50,101.55

Thanks to everyone that participated. There will be another competition starting Monday, the prize this time will be a £5 Global Investor Book Voucher (sorry we've run out of tshirts!).


Well done Partridge.

Looking at the results........What does it tell us either about the market or trading methods???? The majority, if trading for real, lost more than is good for the soul. I do hope that good money didnt follow the fantasy money!!! For my part, I am still in cash, and have been for for almost 12 months.

There are some traps set, still lying in wait out there for the unwary, whichever market your trading!!

Keep a close eye on your trades, and I need not repeat what is self evident........ apply stops!!

Good luck to you all.

Sharky ,

Thank you for organising the competition , if I have won the last T2W t-shirt then that would be an honour ...moony and lempicka will be jealous.

How do i go about claiming my coveted prize ? :cool:
well done partridge.....dont lend the t short to lemonpickewr ...hes still got my city hat
Hi Marvin,

Apologies for the lack of July Winner announcement this weekend. This was due to me being miles in the lively city of Amsterdam for a short break. Unfortunately we have run out of tshirts as mentioned before, and I'm in the proccess of getting some more printed - but one will be winging it's way to you as soon as I've got them.

So anyway, well done on an extremely impressive total worth of £64481.00, an increase in capital of 29%!

Nice one Sharky, cheers for a great site keep up the good work. I'm lurving these compo's, esp. whipping lemmy's ar5e, he does hate to be beaten by a girl !! :p

Look forward to me trading Tee. :D
I'll echo that Marvin - respect to Sharky for the Compo.
In the Real world I'm not doing too well as I still haven't gotton a shorting account set up. So it's good fun playing with someone elses money, even if it aint real.
I've not got anything against AV ( ex CGNU ) incase anyone wonders, it's just great to watch it fall :)

Luke ( Very Lucky so far )
Thanks folks, glad your enjoying it! Had a very good time Chartman in Amsterdam, and still managed to behave myself! :)
Hi sharkey,

Glad you enjoyed Amsterdam.

So is a book token going to be the prize in future or T shirts. Personally I favour the T shirt.

I am looking forward to wearing it with pride when I win. And it will say to the world "Hey look I am a bloody great trader!" "I am the greatest" "trade with a butterfly, sting with TA" etc

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Agree. Book token not worth playing for. No kudos in having one of them - and then have to spend money on top of voucher to get a book I don't want!

Tee-shirts a better bet.

But best of all a one-size-fits-all T2W tennis/baseball cap please.

Some promo firms do them at under a fiver in quantity. (If only a handful needed, buy plain ones dirt cheap from Peacocks and get them printed locally).

(I know.... I'm just too cheap for this site)
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Hi Elliot & PP,

Thanks for the suggestions. Been investigating everything from t-shirt to baseball caps to mugs, but I still prefer the idea of a good quality t-shirt that you can wear with pride - im even hoping for a few photos form previous winners.

Anyway, with a bit of luck I'll have some made up and ready to send out before the end of Aug.

.. Having said that, a T2W mug would be great for a nice hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Best way to start the day!