Hard Hitter does the double!


Congratulations to Hard Hitter who retains his title as winner of the T2W competition and surpasses his previous record of £64,683.04 with an outstanding £65,361.57! That's a 31% gain and a total of £15,361.57 profit, from a starting capital of £50,000.

Special mention must also go to fredroff and Reggy who were battling for the number 1 spot over the past couple of weeks. It's been an exciting finish and I'd like to thank all 40 contestants for taking part.

The Top 10 Overall Ranking were as follows:

1 Hard Hitter £65,361.57
2 fredroff £61,946.73
3 Reggy £60,029.05
4 sharpshooter £58,965.28
5 George_Bush £58,452.84
6 Starvin Marvin £55,000.00
7 demon_nick £54,821.39
8 rejji £52,801.20
9 cala65 £52,777.78
10 partridge £52,272.72

The competition has run extremely well this time round despite a few problems on the first couple of days. Looking forward now to a great new competition starting on Monday, with hopefully a few extra bells and whistles.

Yep. Congrats to HH. 29% and 31% is so remarkably consistent it must be skill. Must go and analyse how it was done so we can prevent a hat trick! (Might have trouble doing anything about it from my lowly position, but if I can get closer I shall be pleased).
And many thanks sharky for sorting out what few glitches there were so promptly.
Poor Fredroff- why didn't you close at £67K :( Ihave been well impressed by the performance of the top runners- HH's double top can only mean one thing- the only way is down. If You manage to win the next comp, we should promote you to the UK's No1 tipster. :)
Even though I haven't been able to concentrate as much as I would have liked on the comp, what I did manage to do, I thoroughly enjoyed. Even Whooped GOLD one day which made me feel good. Sadly for him, his was real cash and mine was in the comp, so It's unfair of me to try and be smug.What I'm saying is, that no matter how realistic the comp is, when it's real cash, it really does hurt and you think 10 times as hard before you place your cash on the line.