T2W Competition Winner!


Congratulations to Hard Hitter for being our winner of the T2W competition and the proud owner of an exclusive T2W t-shirt (photo on it's way!). In four weeks HH managed to increase his loot from £50,000 to £60,790.56 despite having to deal with quite a few technical problems. That's an increase of 22%! Well done also goes to Elliot Wave who came a close second.

The Top 5 Overall Ranking were as follows:

1 Hard Hitter £64,683.04
2 elliot wave £60,790.56
3 options £57,558.14
4 sharpshooter £54,887.09
5 ChartMan £52,530.56

Thanks to everyone who's entered this last month. I know we've had some problems and this month has really been more of a test bed than anything, but I hope everyone had fun! Looking forward to a great new competition starting on Monday, without the bugs!

Congratulations to the winners - but ..errm as a newly registered player who would like to join in - and who is recorded as having entered the comp.. how do I get the system to accept my trades please? At present I keep getting a zero funds response despite elswehere being shown as having a £50k starting wodge.
Hi Purple,

We have a few problems this morning with the new 20 min dealyed trading, in order to achieve near realtime prices. I'm looking into it now, the competition may have to start from tomorrow. Will keep you posted.