Insufficient Funds


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I raised this problem on FTSEbeater's 'strange Coverings' thread. As it got no response and it is a separate issue I thought I would bring it up here.

Basically last week I shorted OOM at 53 with all my funds. The trade was closed by the system without my instructions at 51.

I had no problem with this. However I still wanted to be short OOM so the next morning I went short on OOM again with a limit order of 52. However I came back to find out that my trade was rejected due to insufficient funds.

There must have been a glitch somewhere as I did not specify a quantity just selected the option to trade with all my funds. I was under the impression that all of my original OOM position had been closed.

So please Sharky, if at all possible, could you reinstate my OOM short of all my funds at 52?

If not just let me know and I will continue to trade with the funds I have and I will forget it.

Hi marathonchap,

Sorry if I didn't reply to your other post, must have just missed it - good idea to email me as well, if there's a problem - so theres no chance me missing it. I'll reinstate your short, no problem, won't be until the end of the day though. Hope that's okay.