Spies or Hardware/Software Problem?


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Strange things are happening to my new all signing all dancing PC.

I turn it off at say 9.00pm and for the last few nights, it turns its self back on by 10.00 pm.

That's to say, the mains are left on and the on/off is left live. I've heard that there are some wiz kids who can access PC's remotely, does this sound like that's what's happening or is it a Hardware/Software problem?

I have firewall, anti-virus, anti spy-ware, et-al installed.

Any Thoughts, should I be worried or just keep turning the mains off?.



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(1) Is any new/strange software seen loading when the PC comes back on at 22:00?

(2) Is the internet connection being accessed when the PC comes back on?

(3) If it's coming back on at exactly 22:00 (and consistently) that would suggest to me that there is some sort of alarm software, or similar, that is being triggered. Find it and turn it off.

(4) Update all your virus/spyware definition files, and then thoroughly scan the PC.

(5) Contact the company you bought it from and see if they have a reasonable solution.


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It could be Wake on LAN and in fact your machine is hibernating not switching off.

Check the Power settings in Control Panel.



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Trader333 said:
It is probably a poltergeist just keeping up to date with current technology :)

I'd love to hear the call to Technical Support to try and solve that one!!

".....yes, and the mouse is moving all by itself... hold on....it's opening up Internet Explorer. No, i can't see what's doing this...... no, I haven't been drinking! Ok, I can see the keys moving...oh, oh myyyy, it's going to the Most Haunted website!!!!!"


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