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Anyone else having problem- DJI and ES`M in paticular- great gaps of no data just completely screwing the charts.... Is it anything to do with the clock change? Anyone know who to blame or a fix?

Sorry I'm a bit late getting back, I've been out today. I had loads of problems yesterday, and some the day before. I got no backfill of any data files for data from the 31st on the 1st April, or for the 1st on the 2nd. I tried deleting the ends of files from Sierra and letting it reload, but it only filled current day's data each day.

In the end I got someone at MT who said they had a problem with one of their servers, which I was on apparently. Logged of and on, no change. Told him which server, "Ah, it wasn't just one server, that ones bad too!". Finally I hit a good one, deleted 2 days data from the end of each file (position the last point you want at the right hand end of the screen, right click, select Edit Minute Data, and Delete to End of File) then Sierra does the rest, provided the data source is good.

There's a note on the Sierra site about version 36 (the next one) apparently that will help deal with this, it will reload the last 2 days data automatically even if some is there already.
The gits! I asked in MyTrack and they assured me there were no data problems :( It might have been a different story if I was an AIQ user, as they show in the chart which of their many servers you are connected to........
quick question for any Sierra charts/Mytrack users:

I didn't know Mytrack charge 25 a month for the use of sierra charts in additon to the gold/silver/bronze realtime data plan + exchange fees.

Am I missing something here, as I thought you bought the license off Sierra and used it with Mytrack's real time data,
didn't know you had to pay for use of sierra charts twice????
You don't have to pay for Sierra and MT bronze. They waive the bronze charge if you are paying for Sierra.

You are not paying for Sierra twice. You pay for Sierra once, and then pay MT monthly for their link to Sierra
Please can somebody give the link to mytrac. Is it part of mybroker ? I am confused so my apologies for this post.
I am currently running MyBroker which has a myTrack feed. I am on the platinum account.. do you think I could just buy Sierra (as I am looking for a charting program) and then just use my existing login with MyBroker to get access to the feeds?
No, bronze is delayed. I use delayed MyTrack for historical data, and gap filling, and IB for real time, since I need that anyway for trading.