Unavailable Mytrack historical data


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Hi, I must post my discovery that Mytrack does not hold onto 1 min chart data for more than a month. (So i have learnt from the Sierra forum) All i wanted to do was backtest a strategy for DJI going back 2 years. And now i am told its not possible except one alternative being SC Magic .. !(either $60 or $45 p/3 mths) .. My .mnd file is only 708k for 1 months 1 min data. does anyone archive these on a monthly basis .? Does anyone know of any other way of backtesting for the dow with sierra ?
I thought it was only 15 days of back data.

SCMagic only seems to have data for the current contract aswell.

Have you looked http://www.disktrading.com/ ?

I'm not sure how you would use this with Sierra (you might need something like http://www.amibroker.com/ )

When I hear the phrases 'historical data' and 'back test strategy' of course tradestation comes to mind.
Perhaps tradestation users can help with these questions too:
Is it true that when you sign up with tradestation, you get all their historical intraday data to play with? Do you have to be connected to their server while backtesting - or can you do it off line too? I'd also be curious to know if their intraday historical data includes volume.

I'd also be interested in hearing about this from amibroker and investorRT users also. (particularly to know if their intraday historical data includes volume).