MYTrack down?


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I can't log in to MyTrack (directly or via Sierra) at all this morning (7:30-8:05, Tues). Is anyone else having problems?

I'm also getting logon screens popping up at intervals when I try, so I'm a little unsure if it's a login problem, or if they are just completely down.

Anyone else?
Hi Peter,

I have logged on to both Mytrack and Sierra ok this morning. You might have just got a duff server or something.
Some sort of power loss in New York.Will I be able to get back the missing data?he didn't know.
I got back in just after 9pm UK time. The data was automatically backfilled.

There was a low power period which their UPS (uninteruptible power supply)! should have covered.One of the UPS batteries failed causing some of their systems to crash.So you must have a gap in your data.I tried edit intraday and lost more.I think they should have a facility to buy back the data a day later (cheap) and make it available for download.