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Anybody had any problems getting Market Maker to install on their PC and log on properly? I have always had problems getting this thing to install and run properly first time. I have had to rebuild my main PC running W2K and I can't get it to load any further than the logon screen (it was running ok before the rebuild). I've also tried it on XP home with the same problem.

I'm not getting far with D4F support, so any help from anyone out there whom may have had a similar problem would be appreciated.




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MM5 Problems

Hi Lard42,

Had the same problems.

The issue is thate MM5 uses java applets for its charting.

Microsoft where ripping of Sun by using their own version called JVCM. Sun took them to court, won the battle and now Microsoft cannot use their version.

Anyhoo, wot to do is

1) Make sure MM5 is removed from your desktop
2) Go to the following link.....
3) Click Top right hand corner "Free Download" and follow download instructions.
4) Reboot the computer
5) Load up Internet Explorer
6) In the top menu tab go to Tools > Advanced
7) Scroll down (about half way) and you will see Java (Sun) tab. Ensure this is unticked. If it is not, untick and then reboot.
8) Install MM5 and then try logging in.

Should work.

You may have problems logging on now and again, especially if you have many layouts. This is due to the MM5 software saving data onto the computer. If this is occuring then do the following...

1) Double click "My Computer" desktop icon.
2) Double click hard disk drive (usually named "c drive")
3) Double click "Program Files"
4) Double click "Marketmaker" folder
5) Double click "CFD-FX Client" folder
6) Double click "MM5 folder"
7) Right click on "cfile" and then delete (be careful NOT to delete the similiar looking file simply called "file")
8) Double click "resources" folder
9) Double click "CFDFXClient" or "SBClient" Folder
10) Double click "config" folder
11) Right click "client.rdb" file and then delete

Also, word of warning, response rate slows down if you if you are using a one minute ticker chart and viewing over the whole day or using more than 3 charts on the one layout.

Hope this helps and good luck


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U will have to wait a while the first time you log on and ensure you do not a have a firewall set up as well.

If it is loading properly, you will see a a progress bar updating.


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Lard 42, MM5 sometimes requires you to disable direct x and direct 3D acceleration :
start/run/DXdiag/display(1)/click disable/ restart your computer.


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Hi, thanks for your responses. I have tried all the above, but still don't have it working :(

It seems to get stuck part way through it's update. The update progress bar gets to about 60% before bringing up the logon window. Typing in logon details then gets it to 72% and then the update progress bar dissapears whilst its attempting to logon and it just seems to hang.

Oh well, back to the online version I guess until I can figure this one out.



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MarketMaker software

I've had similar problems with MarketMaker.

After many attempts I have it loaded and running. Everything works fine till I bring up a layout with a chart on it, or try to chart any stock. At that stage the mouse and touchpad become inoperable and I have to use the keyboard to go the main window and close the program down.

The output log says something about 'java.lang.nullpointer exception' - and 'unknown source''. This is clearly an issue about java applets working but I don't know how to fix it. I've installed several times ( even with the firewall and antivirus OFF! ). I have identified the data source URLs as trusted sites for Norton's and for Windows. No go....

Any ideas?

---- By the way, this is my first posting on trade2win so greetings to everybody......

Damien :cool:


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damien said:
Any ideas?

Yeah, open an account with someone else. IMO Capital Spreads are much better than D4F...spreads just as good on major instruments, you can use the website on any computer, anywhere, and you actually get some service if you want to speak to them.


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BroadSword said:
IMO Capital Spreads are much better than D4F...spreads just as good on major instruments, you can use the website on any computer, anywhere, and you actually get some service if you want to speak to them.
I second all of that. They're also much nicer people to do business with.


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IMO capital spreads

Roberto said:
I second all of that. They're also much nicer people to do business with.

Sorry.....I'm not familiar with IMO......can you give me a name, please?

Thanks - :) Damien


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IMO - In my opinion - (just thought I'd say)

As we're talking about MarketMaker 5 - could someone please tell me if there is a way to see a profit & loss statement or something of the like. I opened a demo account and placed a trade - for which I came out at a profit - the trade was closed higher than opened, I really can't figure out what I'm looking at with this software. It also doesn't help that the currencies are in USD & GBP all over the place.

Maybe they want it to be really opaque to confuse us?


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If you don't want to trade overnight,there is no need to use steal4free ho sorry deal4free, Use one of the other firms out there. Capitalspreads is about the best.low margin tight spreads.



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I'm not getting far with D4F support,
I am not surprised.

Use your feet and head and use another broker.
Deal 4 Free.. isn't. Compare the way they move the spreads or requote, blah blah, I could go on and on and on... they are okay in the beginning when you first start trading, but then watch out!


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I second Racers comments. A little while ago, I transferred 5k into DF4. They only transferred £500. I rang up and they eventually sorted it (after originally saying that only £500 was transferred). The experience did make me wonder if they would have fixed the problem if I hadn't called them.

I sometimes wonder just how financially robust (or otherwise) they are. I remember reading an extract from their accounts at one time and being a touch uncomfortable with the figures. I know that client money is segregated but I don't think the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) has been really tested yet.
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