IB logon, and Sierra


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Has anyone else had problems logging on to IB this morning (Sat 9:20ish)?

I can log on to the demo but not my account (I can get to my statements and account admin section of the web site OK).

I've been playing with IB and Sierra, both to see if the autologon to IB from Sierra works (I can't get it to!) or if I can run Sierra fed from TWS on a different computer on the system. It looks as though I can do the latter, but I'm a bit stuck at the moment checking it out.

However, I'd a like a little reassurance that the login problem is at IB's end, being as it's a Sat morning and not prime trading time, and not some problem that I've created with my setup while I've been playing :)

Has anyone got the Sierra IB logon to work? At present I can log on to the demo account at IB OK, but if I put that username and PW into IB you can see the fields being filled in on the TWS login dialog, but then it returns "Incorrect Username and PW", or something like that.
Hi Peter,

This is quite normal for IB out of trading hours so I wouldnt worry about it. I guess that they have to do maintenance and try to do so when no-one is trading.


Thanks both.

I've now been able to get what I wanted working with the demo account. I now have both the auto logon working, and I'm taking data off TWS over the LAN. Both very useful for what I have in mind! I guess I'll have to wait till Mon to try it for real.