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Just purchased Sierra to go with IB feed, and have a quick question or two.

Do i need to leave sierra and trader workstation open in order to collect intraday data for use later or can i just leave TWS open to do that?

Do i need to have a symbol in TWS for the data to be used in Sierra to chart?

When Sierra starts up and is connected to TWS i need to go to TWS and accept the connection, is there a way round this so i can automate start up and login.

Basically i am looking for the best way to automatically start the data collection early in the morning and leave it running so when i come a long i have intraday data available so i can begin to trade.

Any suggestions or answers most welcome.


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I believe you do need the symbol in TWS for Sierra to chart, but I don't think I've tried without!? You also need to put the symbol(s) in your 'Edit - Intraday file update list' in Sierra - otherwise you need the chart open, I don't know of a way to automate opening the chart.

One way to automate login at startup is to get TWSStart: http://www.dynaorder.com/3rdparties.asp

Not sure where I got the latest version from though so I've tried to attach my latest .zip files.

Also, read these search results for previous discussion.





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