IB TWS & Sierra


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I've recently been getting a message on TWS that I've
" exceeded the maximum number of tickers" and that not all charts were being displayed. I asked IB Help and apparently you can only have 40 tickers in total. ie 20 TWS + 20 Sierra. So presumably if I had 2 Sierras running it would go 3 ways, and so on.
The problem is that I was running some stocks just to keep an eye on, and follow some of the "live" trade posts. I've now got to knock a load off. So the question is which ones to keep.
Any suggestions on the more interesting/active ones please?

about 10 will do.
No suggestions for choices. However, if you want to keep an eye on a larger number consider doing what I do - also have a mimimum, delayed sub to MyTrack. I run a second Sierra installation off that. Costs $25 a month, but it gives me unlimited 15 min delayed data, plus 15 day histories on anything I decide I want to look at. That way you could use the delayed feed to general screening and move the ones of current interest to your live IB/Sierra setup for trading. It's always worth having a backup data feed anyway (though it has to be said that IB is so much better and more reliable than MT it's use a backup for IB is limited)

I've recently moved from Sierra to Ensign but a great strategy for backup with either comes from SCMagic. If I lose my data I can just collect the latest realtime file. Cost is 10 euro per month although I am still on the free trial.