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Hi all,

Just interested to know if anyone is using this? I've got a trial period and I'd like some tips/opinions on using it.

Which RT Provider ?

Hi JonnyT,

Which realtime provider do you use and what is the cost ?


I'll second that JonnyT, especially as it's a glorified portfolio manager.
You can use ADVFN for free :(
Hi Paul,

I use Mytrack, with Sierra. Going forward that might be a luxury as the way my trading is developing the IB Feed alone will be plenty sufficient.

IB Feed

Hi JonnyT,

IB limits you to 40 symbols so bear that in mind, but I have found it totally reliable and works exceptionally well with my software.


Hi Helen

Looked at as well but it does not have fibonaaci in real time or point and figure which i feel is a real let down.
If i am correct it only has 4 or 5 indicators you can use in real time.
I love their charts but think you wud be better to wait until it upgrades to more real time indicators.
Hi Bernie,

I'm a big fan of SS EOD. Like you I love the charts.

I got the RT up and running this morning. And you are right, only a few RT indicators which don't include CCI. I ought to explain that I'm actually writing a review of it and I wanted to make sure that there weren't users out there who could point out "features" that I might miss. I want to be totally fair.

On first glance I think it would probably be best suited for UK swing traders who need it mostly for monitoring/alarms. But we'll see.............
Hi Helen - I posted this yesterday on MoneyAM, no replies as yet, but it tells you a bit about SSRT. I'm new here, but looking around this site, it seems the Sierra and Mytrack combination are popular, and I'll look into them a bit more. Can I ask what you use at the moment?

"Can anybody tell me what alternatives exist for Real Time charting instead of SSRT (without signing up for GNI)?

I currently have SSRT and it doesn't quite do what I want. I am a HUGE fan of End of Day Sharescope, but have been a bit disappointed with SSRT, particularly considering the price it is pitched at. Aside from the bugs, which are in the process of being worked on, my main concern is that it is only possible to see a chart of up to 5 days in one go. If you want to see the 5 days previous to that, you need to open another window. The problem with this is that if you view the 2 windows side by side, you get a discontinuity in the way the price lines run from one to the other, which makes it impossible to see support/resistance from more than 5 days previously. The other thing that I find very difficult is that each day is separated into its own little window, so it is awkward to draw a trend line across a number of days ( & if the number of days is more than 5 you get into the problem that I have just described with 2 windows). I end up using Stockpoint 10 min and hourly charts
( like these
to show me support levels from more than 5 days ago, which kind of negates the purpose of SSRT. I like the way RT integrates with EOD Sharescope, and I like the RT indicators and alarms etc, I really like the way you can DDE it into Excel, but the RT charting has some real limitations. I also don't understand why it seems like 2 separate prorammes, EOD and RT, particularly given that you accumulate the RT information over time on your Hard Disk. What I would really like is one chart, that I can view in an End of Day candle mode, or in a 10min candle mode, or hourly mode, that goes back over a few weeks etc, so that I can clearly see previous support/resistance. I am ending up using SSRT just to receive DDE comapatible Real TIme prices, and I am sure I could I could get that cheaper elsewhere. Anybody got any ideas as to how to overcome these limitations, particularly how to get better charting capabilities? "
Hi Fish,

Sorry I've been slow to reply, mad busy day.

I use the Sierra Mytrack combo, but I'm currently considering just using the IB feed with Sierra. May meet my needs fine.

You'd certainly be able to do all you want with Sierra.

It's cheap too. $40 for six months Sierra. Then your Mytrack subs.

I pay $69 a month for live Eurostoxx/ ES/ UK stocks.

May be worth you checking out.

Thanks, Helen. Can you DDE link Mytrack into Excel, would you know? Always useful to have positions linked into a spreadsheet.

Sierra has it's own Spreadsheet which has about 150 excel functions on it. So they are pretty compatible (only I'm not techy enough to understand it :)) But it will also link to Excel I think.
Hi Fish,

You can get at the MyTrack feed via DDE but you need a license to get the API.

However the IB feed comes with one for free, and C++ and Java.

Both these APIs allow automated dealing aswell.

Hi all...

Talking about myTrack and IB and Sierra... what would I need (out of these, or otherwise) to have good real time charting, and Nasdaq level II screen?
Would that be really costly?

It seems that most know about IB, myTrack and Sierra quite extensively. Hope you can help.

Hi Lawman,

I know nothing about L2 feed prices so probably Naz or someone else who uses them could help. I know ADVFN do them I think it's about £60 a month but I could be way out.

I think the Mytrack/IB Sierra combo in chart terms for performance is probably the cheapest.
Thanks for the replies. Coming back to the thread subject, ;) , has any body got any more views on Sharescope Real Time?
Hi Fish,

Once I've had time to look at it for a couple of days and have worked through the manual I will put a post up on the Charting Packages section of the site. It will probably be next week now.

I have used Sharescope Realtime since a week after it came out. I use it alongside Proquote Level 2 to daytrade UK Stocks. I think it is perfect for my purpose. It has failed twice in this time and been rectified by a quick call on both occasions. Perhaps (again) I am stupid, but to daytrade, which I assume most would do with RT, I cannot see why anybody would need masses of indicators.
I think many people overcomplicate the technical aspect of this job.
SSRT has clear easy to read and use charts , is very reliable and reacts instantly to every movement - I don't know about others, but that is all I need and want. If they would add Level 2, and change the layout to seperate windows, it would be perfect, and I would drop Proquote (and save £180 pm!).
You're right about not needing too many indicators in RT.
I run 1min. Ftse Future and find that on that time scale most indicators only follow the price. Stick to trendlines and breaks.

Happy trading,