Scoring on Dow Competition


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Am I right in thinking that your have to correctly guess the direction of the market, ie Up, Same or Down, in order to get any points?

If this is the case, given the entries this week, I can see there being some entrants complaining. To solve this, I would suggest awarding points for correctly guessing the direction (5 down to 1, depending on entry date), then points to the closest 10 (Awarding 10 points for the closest and down to 1 for the tenth closest). This would present a better scoring system and make it a bit fairer for all concerned.
Hi highland,

The points awarded 5 down to 1 for correctly predicting the direction depending on entry date is what happens at the moment, the idea of awarding additional points based on ranking at end of the week, is an interesting suggestion. It used to be the closest got an extra 5 points regardless of when they entered, but we changed it to doubling their points, so if they guessed fri morning for 1 point, and were closest then they would receive only one extra point.

I'd be interested to hear any other thoughts on the rules, or ways to improve the scoring.

Sharky: Cumulative Rankings

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If I may I would like to suggest an improvement to the competition section. I have noticed that the scores on the dow competition are scored once a week but there does not seem to be any cumulative scoring. So for instance it would be nice to see who attained the highest average score over the past few weeks, since the beginning of the competition. Scoring would still be done on a weekly basis but at the end of the week these scores could then go into a long term table for averaging to produce a long term average. The reason for suggesting this idea is that in a competion of this nature consistency is more important than scoring well in one week and poorly in the other weeks. It woold be great if you could kindly consider this idea, (assuming you have not done so already).


Yes. It would show that apparently no-one has a clue as to where the dow will be at the end of the week. Myself included. Still, it's good for the ego if you get close once in a while.