Dow Competition - Story So Far


Sorry about that folks, small glitch meant the comp was only taking entries at about 12:30, so anyone who missed out on the 5 points by a few hours, I'll put up to 5 points. Still debating whether to change the extra point scoring.

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Hi Sharky

Is that the scoring system that goes down as the week goes on e.g. if you get it right from day 1 you get 5+5, but if you leave it till the last day then you get 1+1. If it is then I think that's the better scoring system as it rewards people for making early predictions :)


That's correct FTSE, Chartman's suggestion, and I think it's a good one. I'll make the neccesary changes this week. Interesting to see so many bullish predictions this week when's its normally split down the middle, let's see how the rest of the week pans out..


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Sorry Sharky :=)

Might have messed up the leader board. After hours on Friday I entered the actual close value. You know, messing around and the next thing I knew I was top of the leaderboard.

Anyhow, I wan't trying to be a clever sod but it might be an idea to put a cutoff in that stops entries for the current week about an hour before the close on Friday?

There's always one isn't there :)



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The shut off should be at least 1hr before trading starts on Friday- Premarket is a good guide. Well spotted JP


Hi jpwone, i spotted that today, not a problem - it should not let you add a trade after the cut-off time which is shortly before trading starts - think maybe an hour or 30 mins. Not a problem, I've removed the erroneous entry. Good luck for this week. Aiming to upgrade the index competition next weekend with more validation, requiring a prediction and new points system, I'd also like to add the ability to add a reason why they have there predicted figure as the target.



may be a better way to do the dow comp with 10 points awarded to closest then 6 for second then 4 3 2 & 1 for the remaining places in addition to the 5 points for getting the direction right. ALso all entries should be in by Monday 2-30pm.
Waddya think?
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