Samuel Leach - legit or scam?


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This dude has claimed to have turned £2000 into over £30,000 in just over 30 days with his company Samuel and Co Trading. That link is here:

Obviously comically bad, right? Well it turns out he has a myfxbook page which shows the results to a live account. Impressive stuff, so where's the catch?

Well it lies with the broker. The broker he uses is

They are unregulated and 'off-shore' - you'd totally want to put your money with them...

So where's the link? It lies in a web page that was deleted yesterday with the URL of:

This page is cached in Google (see attachment). Now if you look at it you'll see it's him and his limited company that people are to deposit their funds for their trading accounts to. See the attached limited company picture.

So to cut to the chase, I am thinking that he has control of the MT5 back-end and is able to send whatever he wants to myfxbook i.e. a demo account as a 'real' account and possibly changing some of the results to.

Quite a clever method. But as always, they leave signs. This YouTube video I found explains it well:

Just wanted this for everyone's information to be aware.