New Forex Scam in the UK uncovered.


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New Forex Scam in the UK uncovered.

I have documented as much as possible here and I have notified IC Markets and the FCA

-I trade forex every weekday full time - its my job - I am well known in Forex circles and I have taken plenty of forex scams/scammers down.
-Before christmas we had the Gurvin Singh scam pumped up by the Plymouth Herald and the SWNS agency in the UK - I had his 'promotional' videos taken down.
-We see these gurus pumped up as paid for PR in local press which then ends up in the national press - the Gurvin Singh scam is now estimated at $4 million total loss for victims. It is big business.

-99.999% of people in retail forex lose. The only people making money in forex are the brokers/market makers/publishers/advertisers/gurus etc. Some of them are pushing huge numbers - Hopefully this doesn't entice more to do it - in any case I and others will call you out if you do.

-I believe afcafc to be Jack Harwood ProphetFX (Prophet Enterprise Ltd).
-He will be getting large kickbacks per new sign up into IC Markets - you get $500-$1000 per new customer you introduce. You then get further commissions when the customer trades a round turn - this means the more the new customer trades the more money Jack Harwood makes on top of his $500-$1000 per new customer sign up.

-Underneath ProphetFX (Jack Harwood) uses fake metatrader (mt4) terminal screenshots - all demo accounts to lure people in, they also use fake myfxbook setups - this is a totally abnormal chart.
It will likely be a martingale or grid underneath - the myfxbook chart is totally wrong in any case. The tabs you really need to see are hidden.
-Last year it was uncovered you could rent Metaquotes4 Metatrader MT4 broker space - so you could create any BS results you want via dodgy white labels that setup and pretend they are brokers - this is how the majority of these "educators" get away with these BS results reeling people in. Bottom line anything to do with Metaquotes4 Metatrader MT4 can be gamed.!/v/mt4-gets69d/QmdLEC5886rSzzWGdMxVUgMhwsGtkgmexjs9F7iFFHhf7K
Metaquotes had this video removed from Youtube - it shows the scam that is MT4 accounts.

-Note he is trying to sucker people in on telegram? All untraceable chats - nothing through official company emails.
-Note his website is just a page without an SSL?
-ProphetFX (Jack Harwood) doesn't use a company name, he is operating on 'make money online forums' this same thread appears on - sucking people he knows are looking to make money. He is selling get rich quick dreams - of course its all BS.

-He is even telling victims he is authorised and regulated by the UK FCA - this is all lies. ProphetFX (Jack Harwood) isn't.
-Further, he is trying to cover this fact by quoting the broker, IC Markets is authorised & regulated by the UK FCA - IC Markets are not. In any event it is irrelevant what IC Markets are or not, it is ProphetFX (Jack Harwood) that needs to be authorised and regulated - he isn't and he knows it. I believe afcafc to be Jack Harwood (owner of Prophet Enterprise Ltd) and he has stated they are authorised and regulated which is a lie.

-These people run a scammers playbook - they are masters at twisting people to believe they are multiple characters - in this case afcafc the, 'hapless guy who has stumbled on some amazing scheme'. - total BS.
-In other forums - particularly forex & crypto forums, they pretend they are gurus - the shit I have read is unreal - yet people STILL fall for it. Every single time, even with all the red flags there.
-You should see what I read and how people are absolutely blinkered in the face of facts - the allure of getting rich quick does something profoundly deep to human beings brains - it turns them into idiots - believing anything the 'guru' says.

-Unfortunately Action Fraud (UK Police) & the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) are woefully equipped to deal with this/recognise/get on top of it - I uncover one of these a week at the moment - those that encounter these people need to report them.

Jack Harwood - Game over.
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