Daniel Legg is part of the same Instasham scam ring as James Watts, Ashley Richards & others including Harrison Newman & Jamie Shepherd.

Their plan was to flog sham courses and earn kickbacks from brokers earning huge commissions by selling BS signals across social media.

James Watts, Ashley Richards & Dan Legg planned to get on to each National Television broadcaster in the UK - it worked. Not one TV Producer did any diligence into who these people actually are.

Dan Legg (TeamFX Limited / Tradeinbox Limited) got onto Channel 4 & Channel 5.

James Watts (TheForexHub Limited) got onto the same show as Dan Legg on Channel 5.

Ashley Richards was on “young welsh and pretty minted” on BBC Three produced by BBC Wales & Captain Jac TV (Catrin Rowlands) - which the BBC has now removed from air (and the associated website article) after I repeatedly complained.

Daniel Legg owns TeamFX Limited in the UK.

Daniel Legg is promoting signals from Tradeinbox Limited & Educate2Trade Limited (Synergy FX) run by Stephen Meli.

Dan Legg is listed as an "employee" on the about us section and Tradeinbox lists TeamFX as their partner.

Daniel Legg stated to the Daily Mail he doesn't sell signals and that the signals business is now with Tradeinbox Limited - that move occurred around April 21st - if you look at my blog, I have the evidence where Dan Legg pushed the business into Stephen Meli's Tradeinbox Limited.

On the TeamFX website is an oddball video trying to flog a sham course featuring Dan Legg in some dump of a training room with Stephen Meli.

On 14.07.2020 Daniel Legg has been outed as a fraudster in the UK newspaper The Daily Mail.

Dan Legg's right hand man & 'employee' of TeamFX Harrison Newman has been put on the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Warning Register for fraud, July 2020.

An FCA Warning has gone up for Jamie Shepherd too.

This is the beginning of the end for this scam ring - please share and spread awareness and submit complaints where possible to the FCA, Action Fraud, Trading Standards, ASA, Ofcom, IPSO where applicable.
Looking at the comments on this stupid video today was a brief insight into the mindset of the gullible being sucked in by the marketing these guys do.

Dan Legg - Surprising My Dad With a New Car at 20 Years Old
Looking at the comments on this stupid video today was a brief insight into the mindset of the gullible being sucked in by the marketing these guys do.

Dan Legg - Surprising My Dad With a New Car at 20 Years Old

please do comment on the video
please report the video

please also report Daniel Legg to the places above - FCA, Action Fraud, Trading Standards, ASA, Ofcom, IPSO.

I am only one person and need your help.
I Fortunately, this has never happened to me. But such a thing happened to my friend. And I can write a little about it. The main thing is to learn the basics of the Forex market. When you get acquainted with the market, you will no longer be an easy target.
If you lack experience in trading, scammers will try to exploit your optimism and fears. After all, no one wants to lose money. Forex scammers find you and make you an amazing offer.

You should understand that Forex trading involves a high level of risk. Losses are unavoidable. Once you accept this, it will be much harder for you to fall for a scammer. The most important sign of a Forex scammer is to guarantee unusually high profits with little or no financial risk.
First of all, there is no such thing as a 100% guarantee. And if there was, traders would not share the secret with other market players. Some of these offers may seem very attractive, especially for beginners.
In other words: if something sounds too good to be true, it's probably not true. Stay safe and don't believe in empty promises.
Be especially careful with software that uses the "secret formula for success".
Another sign is that scammers never register with any regulatory agency. Remember - real brokers always provide proof of their legality.
If you suspect that a Forex broker is lying about regulation, you can: contact the regulatory authority, which can provide a list of regulated companies and a list of cases opened against regulated companies.

I totally agree, it is extremely important to educate yourself and learn to recognize red flags when it comes to scams, and recognize what's realistic. My MO is to always do research about the legitimacy of a person/company before I pay anything or give payment information.