rubbish day so far on the FTSE


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missed the early movements and now its just hovering there. impossible to take any points atm :cry:
Sunny Sunny London - Once you look past the smog.

As a thought - I've noticed that when the FTSE is slow the Eurostoxx picks up and vica-versa

Just an observation :cool:
Patience Suggy! 1 min chart below. Double top built from 12.10 with high volume on first peak, but very much reduced volume on 2nd peak. 3 diverging tops on 14 period CCI - don't take first divergent top as volume was increasing. Entered at 3748 on cross of 0 on CCI, which coincided with break of 14 sma (green). Got ready to exit on support at 50 ema (white) and again at 100 ema (yellow). Decided to stay in whilst below descending 50 ema (white). eventually bounced off support at 3706 (early low from 08.10), and as this was 13.20 and news will be out in the US in 10 mins, decided to close at 3712 for +36.


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Thanks Roger(m),
great chart I am sure all the sun bathers will be ( eye balling :rolleyes: above :arrowu: now :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
Followed later in the day by a pleasant 35 pointer. (courtesy of the P&F method described by JT) :D


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Lovely example of how P&F removes the noise and clutter and leaves a beautifully clear chart. Missed that one!

I never did get to understand how these charts are automated - presumably from a feed like IB?
Hi Roger,
I believe it is possible to generate them in Excel from an IB Feed.

Alas my skills don't extend to that so I do them by hand off the candlestick chart or direct from the price box .

TBS reckons that doing it this way makes you concentrate on the "price action"

I think I'm beginning to understand what he means as watching the price box "flicker" , ala Nick Leeson, may be a guide to the strength of the move.
[ or he may mean something completely different :) ]
Hi Roger,

I automate the charts from IB and use the Sierra / MyTrack option aswell at present.

I have to say that Dr Mikes chart isn't off the same planet for mine today!

Mine has much wilder swings for instance a 90 point plummet, followed by a rise of 100 points plus, then 60 points down and 80 points up. In essence a great trading day.

Hi Jonny

My excerpt only shows the action for a couple of hours in the pm. -I have a down 72, up 102 and down 56 before then ( based on D4F cash) so we may not be too far apart.

Main thing is there were some real profitable opportunities before then.