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Jun 13, 2005
I`m currently using TC2005 and for the most part quite happy with it, scrolling through the scans and watchlist`s is excellent using the spacebar, but considering the monthly cost of the Gold version and having to manually update the prices with a 20 min delay it gets to be a grind.

I have read the software reviews but some are very dated, has anyone any up to date experiance they could share. I`m use I.B. to trade just U.S. stocks and am trying to devote more time to trading with a mixed success rate.

Last question, I have posted this before without receiving an answer.

When looking at a company and find some director buys, there may be a notice to sell those shares. How much notice do they have to give of the sale and is there a time limit on the sale.

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Aug 23, 2005

I just switched broker and am now with IB.
I am using an Appl ibook G4 and have difficulties finding software applications that work with mac.

I wonder if any of you with IB is using a mac and can be so kind to give me some suggestions.