I.B. and Sierra Chart


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I.B. Sierra Chart

Anyone with an I.B. account and Sierra charts needs to have a look at this http://www.scmagic.com/. A cheaper option than mytrack. The new charges from I.B. are interesting if I am reading them right, $1 each way ( $2 round turn) on E-Mini.Is this correct?



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Those new charges are interesting but they are higher than you quote. The prices you quote are before exchange and clearing fees. There is a $1.14 Globex Fee, 2 cent NFA fee and IB's own clearing charge to take into account.

The rate only becomes cheaper if you do more than 300 contracts per month. Then it drops to $ 2.26 per side.

rates are:

0-300 $2.56
301-1000 $2.26
1001- 10000 $2.01
10001-20000 $1.81
>20000 $1.71

I calculate you need to do more than 643 e-mini contracts per month to be better off.

FTSE, DOW, DAX, ESTOXX and Bunds bobl schatz look better.


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They are attractive prices for many people though and we also have to bear in mind that we are getting data capable of being fed into charting software too along with the cost of trade executions


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However, If you are doing less than 643 e-minis per month, as I and many of the users of this forum do, it looks like you would be better to stick to the prevailing $2.40 rate (apparently you can choose which fee structure you want.

However, if you are looking to crank the voulmes up this looks good. Until now IB have not ctered for volume traders.

For anyone trading UK or European products the good news begins right-away!

Ftse Futures fall from £ 1.70 to £ 1.28, Dax and ESTOXX from 2 Euro to 1.90 and 1.70 respectively, whilst Bunds drop to 1.60.


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Currency decimals

Sierra only goes to 3 decimals. Anyone know if they're changing this?


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Hi Oatman,

Oh no it doesn't!!!!

Bring up Chart Settings and use the price display format...



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Have just bought sierra charts to use with IB but having problems with the code for the march e-mini dow contract. Can anybody please help!!!! Once i have got that sorted will look into scmagic as backfill data. website looks encouraging.


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Bang on with the dates greying one (with you there btw!), but just to put mazza right the letters are YM not ES. Made the same mistake myself with all these damn letters and numbers!


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thats fine for e-mini s&P greysurfer, when i put that in i recieve the chart for that contract but if i put in ym-200403-ACE, FOR DOW E-MINI nothing!


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sierra charts

i am trying to set up sierra charts + IB feed for the dax index future, can someone tell me what the code is.

i have tried typing in the one in the help section but it doesn't work, maybe i'm missing something ( a piece of brain perhaps).

your reply will be greatly appreciated
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