Proof of earnings, P&L's etc


Someone had to do it, so here is something, with names and accounts blanked out.

This is not relevant to people who want to see £1000 to £100,000 though.

Anyway, here is some proof of trading success in admittedly favourable conditions, excluding PEP and ISA profits of £70K and SB of £20k odd.

Haven't got close to that since, keeping trying though ;)


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Luckily not - that's why I had to pay the tax, painfull at the time .

Another 3 months and wouldn't have had a tax problem, as gains would have vapourised.
LOL yes quite.

Thought about waiting till end of tax year, then selling, only a deferral, hedging with SB etc, but just scaled out in the end.
what's your start up capital ? and what did you make over that ?
and in what time frame ?
I hope you get a invite to gordon and tonys christmas bash, as I 'm sure you've help to pay for it...............good luck
MMA, you ask questions as if it is an interogation

Time frame was daily bar charts, postions put on in parts, usually initial and then add twice when in profit using basic TA. Stops got taken out by excess volatility (ie chickened out), so out early rather than late. Worked well in strong trend, otherwise not much good in other less trending markets.
Basically bought small positions in quite a few stocks that appered to be coming out of basing patterns. Got stopped out of some, others broke out and I added when it looked secure and off TA buys. Biggest loss on stop outs was about £3k.

Main point was having a plan and sticking to it most of the time, and the right market/conditions happened to come along. That was virtually all made between Sep 99 and late Jan 2000.