Possible virus/trojan


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My machine has been acting funny today, I can use the internet once, but after a certain amount of time I can no longer view any websites. If I connect and disconnect, I cannot view any websites on the second time. Also when I connect the 2nd time internet explorer opens repeatedly as soon as I connect, whether I have asked it to or not, I can't close it quick enough before another window opens (got upto about 48 windows earlier before I turned machine off).

When I reboot it always does a scan disk at the moment. When my machine starts I have also noticed in the bottom left hand corner, an application runs very briefly when the machine first starts up.

I have checked with Trend, AVG and ad-aware and they show nothing.

Any ideas


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Have you got a spare mouse you could try?

I had a dickie mouse & it caused all sorts of odd things to happen. Worth a try.


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That certainly does sound virusey to me AA.

Try another online scan with one of the ones listed in the Techies Corner guide maybe? I dont find AVG particularly good myself, Avast! is much better.


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Not sure what all the processes on my machine do.

I have attached a copy here. What is atdailer1.exe???


  • processes.JPG
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I had wanadoo anytime on the machine so I get it could be to do with that.

No scans come up with anything, so perhaps it is something else. I know im running out of space on my main drive because my other harddrive is out of action for the time being.


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you really should try changing your mouse. When mine went loads of programs I wasn't touching loaded themselves. I tried everything - it was a last resort. You've got nothing to lose by trying.

good luck.


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Update and run Spybot and Ad-aware while we're searching ;)
Some changes for the settings in Ad-aware :
Scan in safe mode, but make the following changes to the settings.
-Under Ad-aware 6 > Settings (Gear at the top) > Tweaks > Scanning Engine:
check: "Unload recognized processes during scanning."
- Under Ad-aware 6 > Settings (Gear at the top) > Tweaks > Cleaning Engine:
Check: "Let Windows remove files in use after reboot."
Press "Scan Now"
- Check option "Use Custom scanning options"
- Check option "Activate In-Depth Scan"
- Press "Select drives\folders to scan"
- Select the active partition which is usually C:
Now press "Next" to let Ad-aware scan your drives... Fix everything it finds.


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I did all virus updates and stuff and checking my machine and found nothing. I also cleared a lot of space as I was running low on disk space and I got my bigger drive active again. This has speeded up my machine. I cleaned the registry and got rid of duplicate files. Basically I did some spring cleaning on my machine, uninstalling old apps and stuff.

This seemed to fix the problem for a few days, but then for no reason it happened again. I was away from my machine at the time and had 58 copies of internet explorer open when I came back.

I have worked out when the problem started and what I changed before it started, I installed Gamespy, which is an online gaming thing. So I can play unreal tournament on the internet. After installing, I accidently clicked on a pop up. The popup appeared in front of the page I was using and was a copy of it. So I thought it was the correct window. It then tried to connect me to another ISP, which I stopped.

I know there is something on my machine, but I don't know where to look.
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