OT shares of the day 11/1

Right, just updated my system via a more comprehensive data feed. For other OT users, I have also reconfigured my system to look at "short term open" - that looks for trends and breakouts. There are q. a few buy signals. so I will try and be selective!

1. Baltimore
Strength - 91
As many know, BLM is one of my favs, and remains so despite getting burnt last time (my own fault for ignoring stop-loss!) Buy generated today - it has recently shown a RSI divergence, and yesterday a Chiken level peak. MACD may soon cross. Buy signal also generated by stochastics, and a rising money flow. Improving sentiment towards stochs may also help.

2. VirtualInternet
Strngth 92
Not really familiar with this equity. However buy signal comes from a vol accumulation percentage divergance, and a TRix momentum peak. In addition, it is just coming off a support level, with RSI rising over 30, a MACD crossover, a rising CCI and a recently crossed stochastics (rising).

Pleaded to know your comments,

I agree on BLM, but with different indicators.
TCI has just broken a down trend( one of my favourites).
SVMA has been in neg divergence for a while,as has Velocity and Phase.

Nice call.
I agree with Baltimore using even a different set of indicators than Martin, but as for Virtual.........the indicators are all showing positive but the price is going nowhere.

Best wishes

Uncle - thanks for your comment on VET. On looking closer, my main concern would be volume ....not much of it. I agree that it will take a lot to make it rise. Advice from those in the know is essential for whipper-snappers such as myself!!!

I've intended to get in blm for a few days, only kept waiting for better opportunities...I have no doubt that there is a good profit to be made in blm..

I've also watched VET for a long time and tempted to get in..only as John said no price movements and little volumes puts me off...


I wonder if I will regret not getting in this pm....... However, the important thing is not to panic buy.......another opportunity will always come...