OT 16/1

Sorry I'm late tonight. Got a little way-laid!
Lots of new buy signals - unfortunately, many are on small volume after a flat buying day. The best vet I could find was Barclays, Strength of signal 95. The following fired:

Chaiken level peak
Williams R% peak
Volatility breakout
trading band crossover.

Just retraced back to a rising trend. Lots of positive comment. Looks like my aim of 5% gain could be realise here!!!

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Heres a poor-mans Charty on BARC

macd ok, been trending for ages
vol.. maybe getting slightly stronger after Xmas
RSI14 val=57.. seems to turn down at ~64
RSI &Stoch trends OK
OBV..OK..comparing trendline under obv and price back to Oct, obv is recently much higher than price. Will price catch up?
5/15day ma 5d passed down thro 15 yesterday and is turning now.
price.. todays closed near to top of intraday
price.. now near middle of Bollingers #
SK &SD.. still heading down. Not near previous oversold levels. Previous levels are trending further down
Price.. sitting on top of 20dayma.
Bollingers (20/2)..hi 2245, lo 1990

My view.. I think its whipsawing in mid channel.
Cigar....exactly what I am looking for. What I've said on another thread - just because you have a TA package, doesn't mean it stops there. What I like is the framework you have laid out, which for less experienced traders, is esp. useful.
Hope you did well with BARC.

Looking at what I wrote.. Most things looked OK, I think it was a judgement call on wether it was already too high in the channel, vs it looked like it would go higher.

Stochs and RSI still look OK. Its Hi today bounced of the top Bollinger. Also, 5 of the last 10 days it has stopped at 2200p
AIQ Expert Rating giving 97%up.

In an uptrend, its going to be in the top half of the BB's. A good place to buy would be coming thro' or bouncing off a 20day ma which roughly is the centre line between the BB's.

Its quite a volatile share. Just checked a few recent days, and the range fron lo to hi varies betwwen 3 and 5.8%.

I reckon you could milk this one quite nicely for 5%ers, waiting for the mid-line and holding 1 or 2 days.