OT buy signals from 12/1

now fully up and running, with all data feeds are go! There were quite a few generated, but I thought the following looked esp promising:

1 Logica
strength 99
Stochs rising, recent reinforced buy from CCI, recent RSI divergance followed by rising RSI. Lots of other signals, but they are the most reliable. Of course, if the techies continue to rally early in the week (as many think they might), then you could substitute any others of the techs. However, LOG has the strongest signal.

However, should techs run in panic, the following have also got good new buy signals:
2. Cadbury
Strength 99
RSI crossover, reinforced Williams %R peaks, rate of change crossover, Trix momentum peak...... Has recently been oscillating in a trading range, and looks to be rising off the base at the moment. As has:

3. Unilever
Strength 73.
Not the most exciting share, but using oscillating indicators, buy signals are generated by Wiliams oscillator and Stochs. Again, may rise from its base in the trading range.

All the best

PS. Smiths Industries gave a good signal (strength 99), but for fundamental reasons (price fall as lack of buyer for one of their divisions), I thought best to avoid.....