OT buys of the day...(10/01)

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Here are a couple of new consensus buy signals generated today. Remember, I am looking to make lots of small profits, as I believe it will be easier to make 20x5%, than 5x20%!

1. Marconi 689p
Strength of signal 98%.
Reasons - money flow RSI crossover, CCI index peak and a Williams R% peak. These had been generated over the last few days, but have been confirmed by the price rising on a rising trend line. With the Naz rising, TA suggests this will rise from what is close to a yearly support level. Stochs already crossed and rising from the 30 value.

BATS 501p
Strength 95%.
Reasons: DMI +DI/-DI crossover, trading band crossover, and a CCI fibonacci peak. In addition price is also rising on a rising short term trend. Stochs also crossed over the 20 value today.

Look forward to your comments!



Active member
Nov 19, 2000
You've got the 2 opposites here. Marconi being Naz influenced and a good old defensive play in BATS.
I think BATS uptrend is running out of steam. To make a 10% gain you have to hit 550p, which would be a fair leap.
You would be buying MONI against the main trend.. more danger. But.. if you look at the recent short downtrend, and hope to get 50% of that back, you would have a target of ~ 765p. If you can catch MONI at, say, 690, add 10% and you get~760p. So its feasible.
Nice one. Agree with your opinions on BATS - trying to be contentious and stirring up debate. After all, if we agree and say "well done" all the time, we will get no where.

More optimistic on a short swing to get my 5% profit on MONI though. However, like most techs, there is unlikel to be a major rally until 2nd half of the year. Thats why I say short swings are probably the best we can hope for at the moment.

Dec 13, 2000

Which setting do you use because I got totally different results from you??

I use Med Agg Model with Defualt settings in OmniTrader.

This is the thing with OT, which is why I hope that this debate over selection will allow us
1. to try and identify opportunities for all of us, and
2. to stimulate debate to improve share selection.
Because of my philosophy that large castles are built by small bricks, and therefore small short term gains are more likely than larger, long-term ones, I have chosen the short term trending model, with some minor adjustments from Chris Byers.
Hope this helps,
ps. please put any other possibles up for debate - that way we can learn faster.