OT picks Thurs 17/1

Still trying to learn how to choose the gold from the dross. I am deliberately avoiding techs as they are Naz, rather than TA driven. The one I will go with yonight is:
BAA. Strength 97
Reasons given for trigger:
Boll band crossover
Stoch peak
Williams R% peak
Stoch divergance
ROC crossover
Trix momentum peak

Additionally - sitting at the short term resistance level, and coming off it today. Chaiken gave reinforced buy. VAPD also shows a buy. RSI may trigger a buy soon. However, whilst this will rise, history suggests that 5-10% is the most likely - not more.
Not exciting, but I hope, a little predictable!!
An amateurs view

Could be long term resistance at 614p
Price.. closed near the hi of the day
Basic candlesticks.. tweezer bottom at 574 for the last 2 days. Today formed Engulfing Bullish pattern...good
Price trendline.. broke down thro it recently, so will now form resistance.. at~600
Moneyflow.. has been trending down since early Dec. Value getting close to t/l.
5/15d ma.. 5d a long way from 15d., still heading down. Both heading down.
Stochs (21d) value=24, up from 5. Broke thro longer term trend a few days ago. Now turning back up to t/l. Maybe resistance?
Bollingers (20/2) approaching bottom band
OBV.. been (slightly) trending down since Oct

Last break down thro a trend, (trend from Ap>Sept) took 14 days to turn around. This broke the trend 5 days ago. This is a bit subjective.