OT pick for 15/1

Today I have a new buy signal for cambridge antibody technology (CAT).
Strength 99.
Just come up off what appears to be a resistance level of 2800. Buy signal generated because the following fired:
CCI peak
Williams %R crossover
Stoch peak & stoch crossover from oversold levels
money flow RSI crossover
momentum peak.
rate of change crossover
CCI fibonacci peaks.

Any opinions?
I agree with you on this one and am ready to buy subject to what happens in the morning
Only a day late but I'll try to do a 'Charty' with my eod-aiq. (Just properly read Chartys efforts on BLM.. I'm still a rank amateur)

5/15 ma .. no where near x
bollingers coming together
21 day stochs not passed thro 20 x
stoch has been to zero, as with previous bounces
candlesticks meaningless.. to me anyway x
macd down x
SK and SD crossed, both in oversold area
RSI agrees with price
RSI.. present value not near trendline
OBV agrees with price
OBV.. present value not near trendline
Vol.. spike under recent bottom
Vol.. previous highs of 11&29/12 both on lower volume
Forming converging triangle, should come out the top.
Target to triangle top trendline ~3400

Stands a fair chance