One on One Coaching in TO?


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All I want to do is connect and talk about trading.

If anyone wants to trade binary of course for them to trade with me :)
More than anything else for me it is brain food, and I need to be immersed in the markets daily as I talk all day to clients about the market!

Nothing better than sharing strategy and stories with other real traders. Getting real feedback and enjoying the banter. Rather than "peddling my wares" I wanted to make it clear that yes, I run a binary show, but also that I am here just like any other trader - Wanting to talk about the market and banter about everything :)

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hi Their Mr S

I did pile in at one point - but only because I though you were claiming you had nothing to sell and were here to shoot the breeze

if you now openly state you are a vendor and deriving profit from the website you have linked then thats fine with me

apologies for the confusion


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Thank you for the kind post. I appreciate it believe me! :)

\Just wanted to be clean and clear from day one, along with being a solid point of contact for anything related to the platform...Ass a trader I know how much having someone to speak to can help so that was the idea from me.

anyway good day trading to everyone, been focused on the EUR/USD today, playing the bounce from S/R Anyone got a long term view on her? end of the week possible closing price lets say?

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Nah this guy worked for Deutche bank or something back in the day...

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No idea, I don't think so...used to work with this guy in the city (London) a few years back...was a stand up guy.