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Hiya folks

Thought it would be nice to have a get together one day for a pub lunch.

I thought a Saturday would be best due to peoples work commitments.

Time and Location
Nearer the end of the month seems to be preferred by a few people already.
The location will be decided a bit nearer nearer to the end of the month when i have a better idea of who is coming and from where so that i can try to find somewhere central and convenient for everyone who wants to come.

Can people let me know here or pm me if your interested and where you will be coming from.

hello newtron i,m up for it,

also not sure i can post this on here but as it is for the benifit of other traders i will, ( if not i will edit it out )

on thursday 13 november 2003 mam are holding a traders day in harrogate with some well known speakers including ( limpfield chartist,tom hougaard, croc david anderson , e-trade and others the day is free with a evening meal for those that want one ( about £20 for meal ) only a few places left so be quick , see link below,

the last met at clitheroe was well worth it,
Yes, I'm interested. Would prefer South Manchester/North Cheshire location but can be flexible. Can't make weekdays though - will have to keep the day job for a good while yet!!

Great stuff..

Looks like there is a few people interested.

To give a few more details; at this stage it will be an informal meet at a pub for a meal and a get together. The location is still undecided as i will try to organise somewhere central and convenient for everyone who is interested

The date is Saturday 29th November, Come on dont be shy.


Just had a look at your photo, it will be easy to recognise you.

Let me know where and I will see what I can do.

It's nice that someone is prepared to pay for lunch :)

I will bring my liquidiser for the stake.
Hi juanbyte
yeh it will be easy to recognise me i'll be the short looking chap with the ray gun.

Its really nice of you to pay for eveyones meals too, well done that man!

lol :LOL:

So far there has been a few people interested

It looks like the most central location would be warrington at this point, just off J9 on the M62.

Those people who are interested please pm or post here so that the most suitable location can be arranged

Thanks folks

Pub just off J9 M62 (directions to follow)

Sat 29th Nov

Start Time

As long as people want to stay

The price of a pub lunch

Why not
sounds good to me , shall i mention the meet on the mam site or do you want to keep this meet for t2w members only, ?

will speak to you nearer the time to arrange the lift,

Heading towards Liverpool Turn left at J9 of M62

Heading towards Manchester Turn right at J9 of M62

After you have turned off the junction round about there is a Pub on your right hand side, the name slips my mind, you cant miss it

See you all at 12-12:30

Happy trading

Count me in. I am based in Manchester and am looking forward to seeing you all.
Should be a good day out.

There are a few people interested and to be honest i have no idea of precise numbers yet so far i know of 8/10 folks who have said that they would definitely be interested. If those who are thinking of coming can you let me know as at least by Monday the 24th as i may have to see if they can reserve an area for us if there are going to be more of us.

Thanks folks

I will try to make it too..........any problems will let you know in good time.