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Going to make this quick and easy; I am new to the board, would like to know if there are any traders in North London (must be, it's not exactly a small area :LOL: ) and do any of you fancy meeting up? (or perhaps you already meet up on a regular basis and if so, can I joing your exclusive little gang).

This also applies to anybody else in London quite frankly, North, South, East or West, we can meet central if we get enough interest etc.

I don't want to end up Billy no-mates, so do reply won't you!

Yes, I'm in North London, but my gang is very exclusive. In fact, its just me. I intended going along to the all-London meet-ups which occur periodically, but never managed. If we get a couple more, we might be getting somewhere. Anyway, which North London are you talking? Camden, or Enfield?
im in south west london but head to north london quite alot, there were other traders who wanted to meetup is well in the uk shares forum but meeting never took place, how about a meeting in central london somewhere.
im just north london, i will be up for a meet, email with details. ive been trading for 1 year still a novice .. thanks.

I'm in Gospel Oak. I'd be interested to come along to a meet. I am just learning the ropes and not trading with real money at the moment; but, it might be inspirational, encouraging and a way of learning more.


I'm in South London, happy to meet in Central London and also come to North London sometimes. For anyone interested, we are also gathering numbers for South London Trading club hopfully meeting in Wimbledon on Sunday 21/06/09, 2-5pm.
if anyone is meeting up (is anything arranged for north or central london?) - then i'd be happy to attend.
Hello Guys and Gals if there are any,

Ive been to a couple of meet ups and they are good fun.

The last one we met at LIverpool Street in May or June and it turned
out to be a good laugh as well as lots of beers in the pub and then
Pizza Express and some good wine for those that were left.

There were a couple of Prop traders turned up and a few home professional traders
who all passed on some good tips.

I think were due one in the next 2 to 3 weeks and it was arranged last time by ArabianNights so keep a look out on T2W for the next announcement which should
be quite soon.

All the best

Hi Ged, ok,will make next one how many turned up at the May/June Meet,?


There were around 8 or 9 of us at the start and then it ended with 4 of us till
around 1:30am. We would have gone a lot longer but as you know it costs
a fortune on taxi's at 3am.