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Aug 9, 2018
Hi, guys. I'm a New in Forex Trading. I found some channel on Youtube and I'd like to join these System. Maybe someone can suggest me a Good Trading, but I'd like this system because it's different from others. How about you guys thinking? Am I right? Is it good for beginners like me? Please kindly check and email me or comment me here. Thank you for help!!


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Feb 28, 2002
Thanks for the link stewart, the system looks simple and rational, and I do find that trend-following makes real money. I'm not sure that SAR and RSI tell you anything essential that the price/MA/MA sequence and the upward/downward slopes of the MA's don't tell you, but they shouldn't mislead you anyway so probably no harm keeping them on your own display.

I like that the system isn't just focused on an entry pattern like a pin bar etc., but does take into account the longer-term perspective.

I am more than sceptical of the % profit levels suggested, these are astronomical.

Its also disappointing that there's no detailed guidance on where to locate stop-losses, where to take profits and when/where to pyramid winners but maybe that's available from this guy elsewhere.
Mar 11, 2018
Little Rock AR
MA(5) above MA(10) cross too choppy
RSI(14) above 50 - Every one knows thats Bullish
PSAR - Another lagging indicator.
and if you are new trader then I suggest paper trading before you jump in with real money.

and if your pumping your own Youtube channel , then move on.