Trading Journal - Building the Consistency of Trading (Latest: NASDAQ - 7 May, 2020)


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Hi Guys!

Bernard. I'm starting to build my trading journal for my own using Youtube. I just want to share my experience and how I trade. What I did are all Live Trading Screen Recording. I will post some chart here as well. I'm not doing any teaching nor provide signal services.

Experiences: 28 Months
Trading Personality: Scalping, Intra Day Trading & Swing Trade
Strategy: Pure Price Actions

Scalping: 25-30 Pips
Intra Day Trading: 50-70 pips
Swing Trade: 100 pips

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Thank you!! :D:D
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29 January, 2020

Profile: Swing Trade

Buy Entry: 14.59495

On Monday, price trade higher and hit my initial target. It shown whiling to continue go higher. So I wait measure of retracement on Tuesday, and I entry Buy Entry. It reach my 2nd target on Friday!

USDZAR 1-01.jpg

USDZAR 2-01.jpg

USDZAR 3-01.jpg
USDZAR 5-01.jpg
USDZAR 5-01.jpg
USDZAR 6-01.jpg
USDZAR 7-01.jpg
30 January, 2020

Pair: GOLD
Profile: Intraday Scalping

Buy Entry: 1579.27

I'm already entered my 1st trade on yesterday, Wednesday (29 Jan, 2020). Today I try to enter another mini lot for my 2nd entry.

As you can see I'm draw a red line there at the beginning, I'm waiting price reach there during USD News announcement. But it didn't happen, so I enter a Mini Lot at quite high price. Price retrace back down to the level that I outlince initially and I suffered a huge amount of draw down. But I stick to my initial plan and narrative, price still expand to upside.

Since its in the late of the day, I took my profit off every time after the short term expansion. Price indeed drop back deep lower and stop me out on my both trade.

Also can see my trade management for AUDJPY & USDZAR Chart at 06:37-07:00 mark!

31 January, 2020

Pair: GOLD
Profile: Intraday Scalping

Buy Entry: 1583.05

For today short term target will be remain as yesterday 1588.50. Basically I miss opportunity Buy Entry during London Session. So I wait until New York to anticipate continuation for Long.

12 February, 2020

Profile: Intraday Scalping

Date: 12 Feb, 2020
Buy Entry: 9569.70

This is my quick random Scalping. I was hanging out with my friends at that time and just do some random checking on MT4 mobile chart. Once opened up the NASDAQ, I saw the setup and I enter immediately before I start to screen record.

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24 February, 2020

Profile: Intraday Scalping

I randomly spotted this opportunity trade. I then quickly enter the trade and do some lipstick on chart after trade entered (forgot to adjust me SL lower before screen capture :p). Entered slightly early and it gave me 13 pips of draw down! But still acceptable.

EURUSD 1-01.jpg

EURUSD 2-01.jpg

EURUSD 3-01.jpg

EURUSD 4-01.jpg

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26 March, 2020

Profile: Scalping
Sell Entry: 1.18920

Today I was wrong on my trade. I'm trying to Sell Short and target the double low in 5Min chart. It gave me a little bit of profit initially, then it reversed and expand to upside. It turn to Bullish remaining of the day. I sit on the side lines and not doing the revenge trade which could potentially lose more. I preserved my equity and NEXT TRADE!