Video journal: I'm ****e at trading - watch me get better than all of you!


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Live-Stream Journal: I'm ****e at trading - watch me get better than all of you!

OK slight clickbait. Only joking :cheesy:

But this will be a live streaming journey where I run live streams on this thread and you can see me **** up or cash up live as it happens. Cool huh?


So quick story as to where I'm at, in 2012 I was pretty much scammed by the guru industry when I bought a gap trading system written by the "guru" John Piper called KrautGap - me and my friend have since affectionately called it KrapGap. It cost me quite a bit of money playing that product, which was for naive newbies who don't know better than to give money in exchange for a duff system - I kept convincing myself "oh maybe this is just one of those few losing months he mentioned, I just have to keep my mental discipline". Well even after I saw the light and stopped getting bum-raped by it, I went back into the archives to 'back trade what would have been' if I had carried on. Suffice it to say that since I bought it in 2012 it has been losing more than winning.

I emailed him back and forth a little when I was a newbie and he was actually very responsive, but then I emailed again after I tested some tweaks and improvements to his system (that I worked out my own newbie-self) with a complete 8 months worth of 'back trade' data to compare, to see if he's legit or not from his response...he fell silent and stopped emailing me back after that....enough said!

So that was a while ago, long before I joined this forum. Since then I practiced on a demo account to learn my own techniques and methods with a safety net, with a view to going live once I have gotten decent.

The main technique I used was to:

- Watch fast breaks and enter with an aim of 25pts on DAX, 30-35pts on DOW
- Moving my stop to B/E as soon as possible.
- Trade mainly in the 1st 2 hours of DAX cash then again for the first 2 hours of DOW cash.

Given that I never followed trendlines or any other standard technique in the trading world, strangely I actually made progress with it! I was accumulating points! But it was SUPER stressful riding an unconfirmed wave that way.

So I looked around for a forum to join and network in and found this. Honestly my trading has gotten a lot better since then and I'd like to thank jessi_trader and a few others for openly sharing their charts and ideas, I've learned a lot. I'm also looking at Forexmospherien's thread these days for his methods in scalping FX.

But as of now I'm still mostly on a live account and partly on demo. It's time to get serious:

I'm going to show EVERYTHING I do, with live streaming screenshots to make this thread a little more interesting. By everything I mean I will show when I'm live and when on demo (I think it's time to be on live more), when I'm improving and when I'm not. I have nothing to hide, I pretty much said in the thread title that I'm currently ****e :D

I will place my trades and show the screenshots of my charts, my statements, my wins/losses and my ideas behind them. My learning curve will be based on a combo of the main live calls threads as well as my own extra inputs and intuitions as I get a feel of my style more.

Here is my first video that I just tested out to show first my LIVE account, and then my demo account.

Future posts will be less wordy as I don't like typing, and you'd rather see it on the screen anyway.

Wish me luck, I might just need it!
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Do you mean live streams? Or just videos?
(Never seen a live stream on youtube before, especially in a thread!)

I've been using a site called the last few days which is quite intertesting, but it's mainly for US equities (which i'm trying to learn, on-and-off)


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Combo mate. But yeah you can do live streams on YouTube now. I'll switch one on now for 5 minutes as a demonstration.

2 secs...


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Yep. Works. That's quite cool.
I'm obviously a bit out of touch!


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Try close beyond breakout point
Then enter on the extreme of that closing bar going


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Thanks barjon mate, sorry for the anti-climax of not placing the trade.

Interesting first try, I'm sure I can iron out the communication issues. Thanks for the input :D


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Thanks mate, sorry for the anti-climax of not placing the trade.

Interesting first try, I'm sure I can iron out the communication issues. Thanks for the input :D

good effort, glad to have witnessed that live.

If I see you doing the Dax & I'm around I'll put my two pennies worth in if ok for you
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