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Hi Everyone

I am Zippy and new to this site as well as AIQ. Chartman has been very kind and has been helping me with the basics. I am looking for support and help, hopefully, in time I will be able to contribute too.

Welcome to T2W Zippy. Anything you need to know, dont hesitate to ask, there is always someone on here willing to respond to your requests, without making you feel inadequate. We all started somewhere, so your in good company.

Hi Zippy

In response to your query - go to the two boxes of indicators in the Charts screen.

In the top box you will find ST ESA (short-term exponentially smoothed moving average); right click on it and you can change the value.

Do the same for IT ESA (intermediate term).

In the lower box you will find MACD; right click on MACD (not MACD oscillator). Then change the settings from the top down - the standard settings I believe are 20, 12, 9. Change these to the ones you want.

But do remember to use any EDS to play around with first, and don't rely on any EDS routine to automatically find your winners and losers (if you are shorting).

Hope this helps.