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I have been looking at another BB that specialises in AIQ. One of the things I noticed that I feel would be an enhancements to this site is a section called Files.

These files are complete EDS routines that members post and others are free to download straight into their database. They can then adjust them as they feel appropraite repost the file and the result discussed.

I know something has been done on here, but I feel that posting the complete file is much easier than writing out the formula. This alone should encourage more to send in their routines for others to share.

I am only familiar with AIQ, but I would hate it to be confined to them, any should be welcome.



It's a great idea, and in fact one that has been left on the back burner for a while now. Well the easiet way for me to do this is to create a sub-forum on the Systems Trading and Software Forum called AIQ EDS Routines, and I've now changed the board so that you can upload EDS routines. So that's what I've done.. feel free to post your complete routine in the forum and then anyone can ammend it, repost it and discuss it. I've already uploaded a test EDS to make sure it works.

If you want me to add ones for Metastock, Updata etc. just give me the nod.