Trading Strategies FAO PIGSY

Dr Iraj

Pigsy has asked me to give a structure for our STRATEGIES section.

I suggest our strategy section to function as follow

1) Day trading strategies (intra-day strategies) . TA strategies as well as Execution Strategies. It is extremely important to correctly execute a trade (specially on US stocks) .

Example buy if body of white candlestick is larger than previous bar
And volume is higher than the previous bar

Comment- use a five minute bar and execute using any of ECNs with 1/32 above bid.(buying at or near bid tactic) If no offer from current ECN then use
a MM with spread not exceeding than 1/8.

It is just as important to get in at right time as at a right price.

2) Swing trading strategies (Up to few days say 5 for our T buyers)
3) Short term (Up to few weeks )
4) Medium term (up to few month)
5) Investment strategies (up to few years)

Each section should include the following info

1) Strategy’s name Example Break out system, trend following system, ….
2) Type of market upon which the strategy performs best
3) Buy conditions
4) Sell conditions
6)Rating:- Member comments and the effectiveness of the strategy as well as some kind of rating system is also needed. This rating should drive from those members who have actually used the routine and made money out of it. This is an important issue as there might be an EDS routine which selects 50 stocks a day with majority losing except few with a very high return. The users of this routine has to rely on their LUCK to select the high return stock.
7) Inclusion of a pre-written routine is also appreciated. EDS for AIQ users, other routines say in metstock format, Trade station format, Neural based format, ….

I am sure there will be hundreds of strategies posted to pigsy . To make sure only the best is kept under the strategies, I suggest to update and delete the less effective strategies every so often. I also suggest to make this section available to those members who share and care about others. There should be a reward for those loyal members of Trade2win. (Please vote as this will cause some discomfort)

I post this thread in this forum to have your views and possible other requirements which you might think should be included.

The rest is up to Pigsy and the team.
I might be far less active on the BB from now on but will be around to contribute as much as I can to the strategies section. This is only due to my own personal commitments.

All the best . KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

Now this is what I call a BB. (free from chit chat, abuse and directional)

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Great Stuff,

Thanks Iraj. This has given me a blueprint for the new section.

I'm hoping to start working on it within the next 2 weeks. At the moment I'm busy setting up the automated weekly competition. Which should be a lot more manageable than using the bb, to conduct it.

And if members have any comments on the new section, or ideas.. or suggestions or possible modifciations to Iraj's proposal, this is the place to air them!