UPDATE >> TA Strategies


I'd like to start thread to assist with the ongoing development of a new TA Strategies section for the site, as suggested by Dr. Iraj in an earlier thread.

I'd like to suggest the following:

We divide this section into different time frames, from intraday trading to long term investing. Though it could be argued that many strategies could apply to all different time frames.

For each strategy proposed, we break it down in the following:

1.Strategy Name (You decide!)
2.Preferred Time Frame (intraday,momentum,short-term etc)
3.Indicators/Charting Used (eg. stochastics, MA
5.Market Conditions (bull,bear,trendless)
6.Buy Conditions (eg. buy when there is a volume spike in the last two days + the 10 EMA crosses above the 25 EMA)
7.Sell Conditions ( 5% trailing stop loss)
8.Ratings: (for risk, return, reliability, overall)
9.System Testing Results (create a script ie. for AIQ and test against real data)
10.Member Comments & Rating (your comments and ratings)

I'd like to hear everyone else's thoughts, and I'd be particularly grateful if Dr Iraj could share with us his own thoughts as to how this section will work. And also Martin I'm sure you can provide some valuable insights.

Pigsy.. re trading strategies. There are quite a few interesting ones within the educational links, usually US sites. They, or something similar, would be better and more easily accessed directly from this section but how do we stand for copyright. Or do we take the strategy, and modify it with UK companies, paste in a UK chart and put it in the list.

They are all standard techniques, but very useful to people starting trading or looking for different strategies.
Hi Cigar,

Ah, I see your making use of those links, there are some excellent ones. Well your quite right, unfortunately we can't just lift them off other but of course we can use them for ideas and apply them to the uk in our own words. Have there been any in particular that have caught your attention. And do you think my proposed framewrok for the strategies is complete enough? Perhap if we took one as an example, we can then see how it would fit into the structure of the section.

Have a look in http://www.hummingbirdtrading.com , by Thomas Wolski.
They are freebie educational articles. Not rocket science but good basic techniques. Perhaps we could extract and make a similar articles.
Theres lots of them on different sites. You get the theory from Murphy etc, but a lot of people want advice to put a simple system together, and these could fill that roll.