Site Update.


In case any of you had trouble accessing the chart tonight, the problem is now fixed. Sorry about that, for some reason the chart page did not upload correctly, so I've uploaded it again and it's fine now.

Coming soon, a mailing list and AIQ EDS section to upload/download and rate your money making strategies.

Does practcially everyone on the board now have AIQ? A section on computer assisted trading tools could be quite good. Perhaps if members could write a review if I set out a basic template, and scoring system. Any volunteers?


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Lets not get too wrapped up in AIQ please.

Remember there are many other excellent TA software companies, ranging from the very basic to the more sophisiticated.

Some of our subscribers do not even have a programme at all and merely rely on a web site for their charting, and my fear is this BB will become too selective to attract and maintain its membership.

You are doing an excellent job Pigsy, but dont overdo the effort just in case CI comes back sooner than later, and all your good work may well have been in vain.

I would much prefer you were in contact with the good doc to liase with him in including the additional items to the new CI site.

With best wishes

Point taken Uncle,

Thanks for being so frank.

You are quite right, it is easy to get carried away with these things! You chaps are so encouraging. But like you said this is the City Informer BB, and will remain that way... and I look forward to the new and improved CI site. I'll carry on maintaining the BB, and perhaps add the EDS section for my own use. But I'll leave it at that.

Cheers, Pigsy.
With respect John, I have to disagree with your response. A lot of people have bought AIQ, spent $1000 or so and I would argue that to date we have not made the best of this investment. AIQ has become the main system linked to CI. That was not my choice, it just emerged over months. I know we lost the main man for AIQ - Hibs but I think we can make this system earn its keep if we share knowledge. It is not an easy system and we need to move forward in terms of our skills, especially with EDS. This will not be to the detriment of other members. I think there is scope to do similar with Metastock or OmniTrader or any other system if there is sufficient interest. I do not have Metastock or OT but I am interested in them. If we can learn to use AIQ or any other system to make regular profits then we have cracked it. We all become rich like you John?

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I think that you can do both and keep everyone happy. Yuo can post your AIQ routines on the much underused TA board, whilst keeping this particular board in its current format. For me it makes little difference, I do not have a software package, but use the websites at FTMarketwatch for my charts, as well as COmdirect. (though that may change if I pass my exam next week!! :) )

Totally agree John. I am not currently using any software apart from web-based charts, and it would be a good idea to lias with Iraj before any further expansions. To be fair to Pigsy, he has done a grand job to keep us all together.
I have to agree with traderX - a lot of people on the original CI - invested in AIQ
and I for one would like a opportunity to
discuss Aiq and EDS in particular

Have to agree too. There are a lot of AIQ users here.
That's not to say we can't have MS/OT sections as well....But not from me....
Over to You Uncle

I also totaly agree with uncle, I refer to this BB atleast 3 to 4 times a day (1 to 3 hours)and depend on web charting I do not have any software at the moment but may have in future

Well the purpose of my post was not intended to stir controversy. I am aware that much of CI was centred around AIQ, and i have never quarrelled with it. I am concerned of the amount of time and effort Pigsy has put into keeping us together, in the hope that CI would one day return, and I didnt want the guy to be spending more time in developing further facilities on this temporary BB only to see it all disappear on the return of the good Doc with his much improved site. Furthermore, TIME is money, and how much of that he has expended to date only he knows.

I agree that AIQ is expensive and naturally everyone wishes to gain a return from it. I I am not anti AIQ or any other software. I doubt "the majority" on this BB subscribe to AIQ and therefore didnt wish the non subscribers to be put off, if it becomes dominated with AIQ routines.

Best wishes

I totally agree with John.
I too have no software,i rely on websites and my own charts, built up over many years on my favourite stocks.
Mark (titus-uk) has suggested the best compromise...keep the TA board for pure TA and allow this board to continue in its present form ie All stocks & shares discussion centre.
Has anybody received any assurances that CI WILL be back ???

Maybe someone should e-mail Iraj.

Agree with Uncle & Shelman it would be a shame to see the stocks and shares bb dominated by aiq. Although i would be very interested in the results thrown up by it,so i could compare with from my own software,20 people researching stocks are bound to increase knowledge and opportunities. Maybe an AIQ Technical bb if possible,(Pigsy has been a hero and i wouldn't want to abuse his good nature) i'm sure DC would love it when he gets back, or the new CI bb is up and running