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Hi chaps,

Today in the chatroom we came up with the idea of having a new section of the Shark Invested where users can download/upload and rate EDS files for AIQ. I think it's a great idea, and I'm going to try and set this up over the weekend. It will probably be a member's only section, so might require a login and only accessible by the faithfull CI followers.

I was just wondering if anyone had any more suggestions for what they'd like to see on the SI site.

I thoughts of perhaps having a chart search facility where you type in the epic and it automatically opens the corresponding FTMarketWatch chart or whichever you selected.

If you've got any other ideas, this is the place to share em'. So let rip...!
smile.gif genius...looks like there will be no stops to improvements here...
Can we have a data download section (ASCII CSV files)

FTSE 100, 250, techMARK, DJIA, DJUA, DJTA, NASDAQ 100, S&P 100, Dax (30), CAC 40, AEX, Hang Seng, Jap Dow.

Can you split volume into BUY and SELL? Helps with money flow that way.


Yeh i like the idea of volume into buy/sell;
would it be possible to have a mass balance of the previous weeks trades comparing b/s?
David, do you know whether this information is freely available - I'm wondering how I would source it to the site? Any ideas as to get hold of this information, and in what form it should be presented?

Would it be possible I wonder to download from prestel, and then make this available - wonder if there would be any copyright infingments or contractual difficulties??

Hi Pigsy,
While working on this complex improvements, can you tell me if it is possible to include a simple chart in my posts and how?

Hi Rizgar,

Sure you can add images to your posts. But you'll need somewhere to upload the images to. If you have some free web space (which most people get from there ISP, you can upload your images to a folder, then as long as you know the url to the image all you have to do is enter the following code (of course this is just an example) within your post wherever you want the image to go:


**** BUT REPLACE "IMAGE" with "IMG" ****** if I would have used the IMG in the line above then you would have got the image and not the code, of course!!

For more information about the UBB code you can use in your postings follow this link which is also availbe on the left column when you write your post as "*UBB Code is ON"

Hope this helps.

Perhap I can enable a way of uploading to this site the images, but this might not be practical as I only have limited amount of space on the server with thich I can use.


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I like the idea of EDS library. I have some interesting EDS' when you set it up. And yes you are a genius pigsy, and I luv the web site address. Thats the image we need to portrait to outsiders. There will come a time when bull market returns when we will all be sharks, taking our due cut and more from the market.

Thanks, Pigsy..I tried it on my Enodis thread..however I could see no chart but a sign instead..this is what I used..can you have a look and check if there is anything wrong with the syntax please..cheers..
" "

exclude the quotations marks ""

>> edited by Pigsy.. taken off the img code so we don't get that advfn prompt each time we open this thread, did the same with the other thread too.

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Thanks TraderX, the EDS library I thought would be a great idea even before setting up this site. I must admit when I thought up the name for the site, was I chuffed, I'd spent a few days thinking of a name and of course these days its impossible to get anything that reall fits the bill, so you need to be a little bit clever, and think smart.

Rizgar, I know why it doesn't work! Have you noticed every time you load this thread or the Enodis one you get an ADVFN prompt for a username and password. Well that's because the link to the image is to a member's section of the aDVFN site, so it can't display the image until you've logged in with your account. So unfortunately you'll have to look for a different website to source your charts from.


ps. Busy working on the front page, you'll notice there's some dynamic menuing going on now.. this is only gonna get better! :)
Very doubtful you can source and subsequently download the D C's request. How would the data sources derive revenue if you can do this for free.

But you know my view pigsy, your a webpage wizard, and I sincerely hope the good Doc consults you in the development of his new BB in progress. So may i thank you for devoting your time and effort for the benefit of so many.

Nothing to do with an EDS library above ... another question.

Is it possible for each of us to have a 'favourites' file to save threads of particular interest. We could save threads on particular shares or sources of data etc etc.

Just a thought.
Hi Pigs - sorry for the delay re: data feeds.

Here's an idea (what I'm using)


Mail me [email protected] if you need some further explanations.